Unleash the Power of Your CDP with a CMP

By Christine Göös

unleash power of cdp with cmp

unleash power of cdp with cmp

Think of your Customer Data Platform (CDP) as the brain. It holds all of the hyper-relevant information about your prospective clients and how you’ve been engaged with them through the purchase journey. Naturally, you want to make the most out of this information. Data-backed decisions are key to successful interactions and, fortunately, you already have the information to make this possible. The only thing missing is your ability to deliver a cohesive message across all consumer marketing points — the heart of digital advertising encounters.

The heart of it

Creative Management Platforms (CMP) not only provides the tools you need to create the highest quality ads at scale, but it also has the capacity to integrate your CDP for a seamless application of existing knowledge. The result of these combined forces? Smarter creative decisioning, maximized efficiency, and hyper-relevant content at scale.

While data is essential, creative will always be king when it comes to digital advertising. According to a study from Nielsen Catalina Solutions, creative significantly outperforms five key sales drivers in advertising. Your CDP has you locked and loaded, but you still need a CMP to drive your message home. Additionally, it will accommodate the high demands of sophisticated customer profiles generated by the CDP.  

Getting personal

Now, let’s move from theoretical use to real life application. Imagine you sell pet products. Your CDP provides detailed customer profiling. For instance, some customers have rabbits and dogs (group 1) while others only own a dog (group 2). Cross pollinating this data allows you to take personalization to the next level. For instance, instead of showing group 1 and 2 the same dog food ad, group 1 can be inclusive to rabbit products as well.

Hyper-personalization creates more audiences and therefore creative demands. Not to mention, there are many channels for pushing your digital ads. CMPs allows you produce the same quality of creative assets in half the time. With a CMP like Celtra, you can seamlessly connect the brain and heart of your digital advertising for maximum efficiency and much higher conversion rates.

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