Programmatic Ad Spend Skyrocketing But Challenges Remain

By Celtra

Programmatic ad spend is expected to continue its meteoric rise. In the US, for example, advertisers are expected to spend $45.72B on programmatic ads, accounting for 83.6% of all digital display ad spend in 2019. That’s up from $17.5B, or 65% of digital display ad spend, in 2015.*

Uber Uses Celtra to Identify Gaps and Increase Ad Delivery

As advertisers rush to embrace programmatic, they’re finding some key challenges that need to be addressed before programmatic can realize its full potential and deliver the results that advertisers expect.

Uber was one such advertiser. Our blog, titled “The Pitfalls of Programmatic Advertising” highlights the numerous challenges Uber faced and how Celtra’s Creative Management Platform helped them identify significant gaps, such as ads not being served, a meager 50% load rate, vendor issues and more.

Creative, the Ultimate Performance Lever

Even when all these issues are resolved, there’s still the issue of engaging users with the brand. In an eMarketer interview, “What’s Plaguing Programmatic Advertising,” Paul Josepshen, CMO of Adslot, says

“To get consumers’ attention is one thing, but to hold their attention is a whole other beast. That’s where creative comes in, and that’s where brands need to invest.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Celtra’s primary focus has always been to help advertisers deliver the best possible creative, simply and efficiently.

*Source: eMarketer, “Programmatic Ad Spending”, September 2017

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