How Software can Help Global Ad Scaling

By Christine Göös

creative global to local

Creative demands and consumer expectations are constantly climbing. As a result, digital marketers are struggling to roll out personalized, high-quality ad campaigns. Here are some ground-breaking features to consider if you’re looking to maximize creative momentum. 

Bridging global and local

So how can a Creative Management Platform (CMP) superdrive your digital ad speed? Let’s evaluate the global versus local dilemma that most media teams struggle with. Brands are increasingly valuing global campaign initiatives. Even though the scale is extensive, media is frequently purchased and managed locally while the creative direction, strategy, and assets originate centrally. 

Balancing the volume of central versus local production typically results in brands falling somewhere in the middle. Central production offers efficiency, speed, and consistency, while local production offers localization, market sensitivity, and local knowledge. What brands should, and can, be asking, is what allows them to achieve both. 

CMPs offer key global-to-local tools. Central teams can design master templates that are handed off to local teams who will then inject some local flavor (i.e. relevant copy, specific URLs). Your central team or agency can create master experiences and templates, with local media planners and activation specialists dictating how to resize, reformat, and personalize to suit their market. CMPs should empower local teams to make what they need quick, while supporting greater consistency across all of your markets. 

The Google Drive of creative production

Google Drive has become a powerful program thanks to several noteworthy features, including real-time updates, version control, and seamless file sharing. The ease of collaboration and creative control on Google Drive should be a standard across all technologies. Especially when it comes to creating digital ads.

Although you’re dealing with many teams members, versions, channels, updates, and assets, moving swiftly is still the expectation. The standard way of making digital ads — think back and forth with files — is comparable to a program like Powerpoint. Certainly, it has capabilities for the right look and build. You can send different versions, comment, edit, and update. Yet, there is a more advanced and less cumbersome way of managing creatives. 

A Creative Management Platform (CMP) is the Google Drive of digital ad production. With permission, several users can directly access current ad versions and make adjustments as needed. Certain areas of the platform, such as preview, review, approval, and tag generation are set to public read-only availability to speed up workflows and avoid the need to create individual user accounts for external or temporary users. This also protects sensitive areas of your account and removes the need for constant user management.

Get the speed you need 

It’s hard to keep up. Even the largest, most resourceful brand needs the right technology to move the digital advertising process along. A CMP is able to support high velocity by eliminating processes that are outdated and unnecessary. Speed is essential, but it’s also important to consider the time, and therefore resources, which can be saved. And when quality and quantity are both preserved, your team can focus on elevating creative ideation. 

Elevate global ad scaling. Learn how.

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