State of the Industry Report – The Answer to Ad Blocking is Better UX

By Celtra


In partnership with Digiday, 330 media professionals, including advertisers and publishers, were asked what role user experience plays in the ad blocking crisis, how they’re building a better ad user experience, and how they’re making their digital ads more than just tolerable. The result of this survey is a State of the Industry Report on "The Answer to Ad Blocking is Better UX".

We asked why the user experience engendered by advertising lead consumers to block ads, and asked marketers to identify problem experiences. 50 percent of respondents pointed to an ad’s lack of relevance to the consumer as the key culprit. 49 percent of respondents found the tech-related ad serving inefficiencies, such as page load times, to have a huge impact.

Some other key findings in the report that emphasizes the importance of the ad user experience include:

  • 76 percent said ensuring a good user experience is either a high priority or their highest priority when executing display campaigns.
  • 79 percent say user experience has a high or very high impact on consumers’ perceptions of their brand.

When asked about the top factors to consider when it comes to improving a user's experience with ads, respondents' answers include:

  • 51 percent said improve the quality of ad creative.
  • 45 percent said make creative messaging more relevant.

As things stand, ad blocking has not stalled the display industry. In fact, 75 percent report seeing no noticeable decrease in the volume of impressions that they’d attribute to the rising practice. On the bright side, this is less of a doomsday siren than a wakeup call. If all parties involved continue to take action and refocus the message on the relevance of our advertising over its ubiquity, we can finally build a solid user experience that will eliminate consumers' needs for ad blocking.

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