The Battle of the CMP’s

By Celtra

Celtra recognized in Cross-Channel Advertising based on user reviews

It’s official. Celtra is a G2 Crowd Leader. Not only were we named a Leader, but in G2 Crowd’s latest Comparison report, we handily beat out leading Creative Management Platform vendors (Google DoubleClick, Flashtalking and Sizmek) in categories buyers value most, such as “ease of use,” “performance and reliability” and “quality of support.” In fact, Celtra was tops in almost every category!

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Even more impressive is how users expect to get a return on their investment (ROI) 44% faster with Celtra than the next closest vendor.

Return On Investment (ROI)

The Users’ Voice

These results were determined by the most important judges of all: the users. Because they use these tools day in and day out, we believe they’re the most qualified to evaluate and rate these platforms. According to G2 Crowd’s website, the “platform leverages more than 400,000 independent and authenticated user reviews, and is read by more than 1.5 million buyers each month.”

This is why more and more buyers are turning to sites like G2 Crowd to help them research, evaluate and make B2B software purchase decisions; crowdsourced reviews by industry peers are about as credible, reliable and trustworthy as you’re going to get.

Celtra is hands down the best Creative Management Platform on the Market.*


Innovative, quick in replying when we have questions, very open to feedback on released products!*


The best thing about Celtra is [the] user-friendly interface, endless building opportunities and easy implementation.*


*Quotes taken from users who reviewed Celtra’s CMP on

Best In Class… Literally
While everyone claims to be best in class, we have the evidence to back it up. It is a testament to Celtra’s long-running commitment to empowering advertisers with the most powerful, easy-to-use creative management platform to help them get the most out of their digital advertising.

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