Top 5 Production Bottlenecks and How to Overcome Them With Creative Automation

By Celtra

The problem

Marketers are facing an ever growing number of budget constraints and operational inefficiencies due to limited resources, mounting pressure on teams, fragmented data, and lack of coordination. Not to mention the rapidly changing landscape of market conditions and trends. 

Need a leg-up overcoming these challenges? Here’s how we can help! 

Creative Automation: The light at the end of the tunnel

There’s hope for marketers who are struggling with limited resources in terms of budget, talent, and technology. 

Scaling Studio is our improved and revamped solution, designed to execute complex advertising campaigns while keeping you up to speed with new technologies and trends. And the best part? Our team of programmers and experts have spent years developing and refining the product to make it as easy to use, intuitive, and effective as possible. Today, it’s ready to start doing what it’s designed to do best: save you time, reduce costs, and improve your company’s overall performance.

With that, here are 5 common pain points Scaling Studio can solve. 

1. Pressure of high volume and fast turnovers

Feeling overwhelmed? We know! Too many companies are under constant pressure to create and execute high-performing campaigns that generate results quickly. This demand for speed and volume poses a problem for marketing and design teams, putting them into overdrive when none of these demands are met with additional resources to support them. 

With tools like automatic design translations, your team can speed up the production process by changing design variations on multi-dimensional feeds. These smart content alterations and responsive design and content handling make it much easier to create a huge variety of assets without the additional time it takes to create them.

2. Talent wasted on repetitive work

Too much of designers’ talent is wasted on resizing creatives and implementing translations and design variants, when they could be spending that time creating and ideating the next big campaign. Scaling Studio automates these small repetitive manual tasks, drastically reducing the number of hours needed to produce assets. 

With automated production scaling across art boards you are able to scale design properties like text, image, video, color and font at the drop of a hat.  

3. Demands for more growth with less budget

Designers are often faced with the challenge of meeting the increasing demand for more creative output, while working within the constraints of limited time and resources. By empowering marketing stakeholders to self-produce new creatives, without sacrificing creative quality or adding more resources, creative automation allows companies to scale their creative output and improve their overall marketing performance. 

With Scaling Studio, you’re able to design templates, which streamlines the creative production process and enables marketers to create high-quality, on-brand content at scale. By adopting this workflow, you’re able to set production pathways for from with a much more flexible and sustainable production process, keeping you at pace with the changes in marketing initiatives. 

4. Lack visibility between teams

Scaling Studio provides a centralized solution that enables teams to integrate multiple tools and workflows into a single production software. Rather than having to switch between different products and manually integrate different processes, our solution streamlines the creative production process by providing a unified system that incorporates all necessary tools and workflows with REST APIs. It also provides real-time generation and specialized workspaces for different personas to send information between different tools simply by sharing a URL. Our multiplayer support also means you can work on the same doc in parallel, so you’re all on the same page, no email threads needed! 

5. Inconsistencies in creatives and messaging

Lastly, the problem of inconsistencies… When you’re working on such tight deadlines across different campaigns and platforms, it’s not surprising that a few things might fall through the cracks or transform a bit along the way. While this is totally understandable, the result of inconsistencies in creatives can harm brand identity and marketing effectiveness. With Scaling Studio, your content is fully customizable for brand consistency for every asset. Your customized and consistent creatives can then power relevant targeting campaigns without compromising on quality. 

Our solution lets you create and update assets so quickly you can adapt template layouts and seamlessly work between image and video format to make sure your campaign is looking uniform and beautiful from start to finish.

If you like the sound of what Scaling Studio can offer and want to bring our solution into your business, drop us a line or book a demo here.  

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