What is a creative management platform?

By Celtra


Defining the Creative Management Platform (CMP)

Current circumstances in the digital marketing world have led to what we’ve coined the Content Gap. Meaning, the space between content demands and the resources currently available to meet them. Businesses lack the capacity to make content at the speed they need. Meanwhile, workplace resources are thinning even as content demands are increasing. CMPs are designed to close the Content Gap by vastly speeding up creative production for greater volume output without additional resources.

The concept of a “creative management platform” can be somewhat confusing for those unfamiliar with the term or involved with the product on a day to day basis. We asked three experts to weigh in to help define and explain CMP and how it can benefit brands and publishers.

What is a creative management platform?

Harry Robinson
VP, Brand Partnerships

A creative management platform is a cloud-based tool for brands and publishers to produce, distribute and measure their digital creatives. With the growing complexities in the industry, it is important to have centralized control. Complexity adds time which adds cost. With the ever increasing list of media channels, ad formats and publishers specifications, creative is suffering from ‘lowest-common-denominator’ syndrome as brands work to manage the escalating costs. This is before you even try to personalize creative through on the fly dynamic variants. CMPs solve for this growing problem by giving the control back to the brand and reducing the complexity through a central platform where all creative is produced, distributed and consistently measured.

Who does a CMP benefit?

Vanja Brzin
Director, Product Marketing

A creative management platform has different benefits for different groups. From a designer’s standpoint, a CMP is the best tool for bringing ads to life because it allows them to create effective ads that take advantage of the latest technologies while hiding much of the complexity that makes them run across a dizzying array of screen sizes, formats and platforms. From a marketer’s standpoint, it’s the best tool for deploying and optimizing ads; it works seamlessly with your media buying tool and it provides further insights into detailed, real-time creative level data and offers an easy way to test every aspect of a creative. From a marketing or design team’s perspective, it’s the collaborative engine that ensures everyone’s on the same page, working efficiently to turn out high-quality, effective ads to maximize ROAS.

How does it work?

Erin Donahue
Account Manager, Customer Success

To share an example, we are working with a multi-brand enterprise corporation who needed to streamline their advertising while working with multiple agencies around the globe. They found that with so many ad creatives, there was no brand consistency and the quality and impact of their ads varied greatly from market to market. With Celtra’s CMP, they were able to view all the ads being created in real time and determine the best performing ads which were then replicated, increasing operational efficiencies and saving on costs.

Creative Management Platforms are also a vital part of any Premium Publishers monetization strategy. Celtra’s CMP for Publishers simplifies the creation, distribution, and optimization of an advertiser’s digital assets. As Publisher content is continually consumed across a multitude of audiences, devices, and platforms, the ability to optimally present a brand’s message and understand performance becomes a challenge. CMPs provide Publishers the ability to create innovative and bespoke ad products, tailored to scale across their audiences’ consumption patterns, device, and platforms.

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