What You Save with a Creative Production Software (and it’s not just money!)

February 13, 2020 By Celtra

save with a creative production software

What You Save with a Creative Production Software (and it’s not just money!)


When evaluating new solutions for your team, it’s essential to think long-term. What impact will it have in 6 months? How about 6 years? Even though cutting costs is top-of-mind for many marketers, you’ll need additional benefits throughout the process. After all, software is designed to make the day-to-day easier. 

Meeting digital content needs is a growing problem. While creative volume demands are climbing, resources are remaining the same (or may be shrinking). The answer is simple: a software for faster creative production that doesn’t blow-up budgets or compromise creative quality. Cue, creative production software. This technology gives creative and marketing teams the tools to collaborate on design and deliver digital campaigns across tons of channels and markets. 

There are many ways your creative production software will pay off (and 3/4 of them are not just about the cash return). Here are the major improvements your investment will yield. 

1. Maximized efficiency 

Greater efficiency is perhaps the biggest value of a creative production software. This technology eliminates many unnecessary steps in your process. More specifically, repetitive tasks like reformatting 100s of creative variations are automated while multi-user access offers streamlined collaboration in one place. Comments, reviews, approvals, and updates to current creative versions can all be accessed here. 

Interestingly, 58% of organizations cited improving workflow efficiency in creative as their digital advertising goal for the next year. Adopting a creative production software is a proven way to achieve that. For instance, by adopting a creative production software, Maxis reduced creative production and trafficking time by 50% (over 30 man-hours). They achieved the equivalent of 384 creatives with only 8. 

2. The scalability you need

Is your current technology stack lacking the scalability you need? That’s likely because it wasn’t designed for it. However, creative production software is engineered to support a mass distribution of creatives (still with custom messaging in mind). Basically, your central team or agency can create master templates while local media planners and activation specialists determine how to make it flexible by market. Central teams then design master templates which are handed off to local teams who incorporate specific considerations like dedicated URLs, location, etc. The result? Mass production and distribution of creatives with consistent branding. 

3. Full potential of your current resources 

New technology should not only be compatible with your current stack, it should optimize your resources as well. In terms of your technical tools, creative production software fits right in. Creative files can be imported from Photoshop or your Data Asset Management (DAM) program without any changes to their formats. Once you’ve made the purchase, creative production software doesn’t require any additional investment. As such, you’ll be getting so much more out of your current budget.

Lastly, your team will have the opportunity to exercise their full potential. Empowered by software that meets their needs, creatives have more time to perfect their craft. Improved performance proves this. Adopting Celtra actually enabled VICE to outperform past figures. They experienced a remarkable 260% uptake in the engagement rate for their in-house ads. Clearly, their content quality was improving. 

4. Big savings (hey, at least it wasn’t the only one here) 

Talking about the bottom line is inevitable, especially when exploring expensive technology solutions. Each of the above factors ultimately results in savings. Simply put, brands cut costs by allowing more work to get done with less resources. That means, no extra hires, overtime, or budget expansions. Likewise, Celtra’s Data Insights team found that through cutting production time, Celtra saves an average 38% on production costs — and that’s only at one touchpoint in the process. 

When looking at the big picture it’s clear why companies are increasingly adopting creative production software. And it’s not just about the economic ROI. It does a lot to improve workflows and maximize efficiency. Not to mention, it provides time for your team to get creative enough to ideate powerful messages. 


Want to learn more about what a creative production software can do for your brand? Reach out today.

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