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Finally, automation is here for advertising, commerce media, and marketing content. Celtra’s Creative Automation for Advertising and Marketing gives your brand, creative, production, and media teams the solution for out-marketing the competition.

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Introducing Creative Automation for Dynamic Product Ads

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Let our software do the repetitive design work computers were born to do, so you and your team can focus on the next breakthrough idea.


Design On-brand Templates & Toolkits

The built-in intelligence for templates includes automated layout and management of line breaks, as well as smart image cropping across any channel and format.

Access a wide range of design features and animation tools made for creating unique, brand-specific templates.

Auto-generate placeholders for all required channels and sizes

Set text and layout rules

Lock key layers for brand governance


Separate Content from Design With Feeds

A central content repository makes it easy to tag and organize headlines, descriptions, translations, CTAs, and more all in one place.

Make changes to messaging or product assets and automatically update creatives in real-time, without ever opening a design file.

Pipe in data via API or drag and drop

Manage content separately from design

Add translations, products, images, CTAs, pricing, promotions


Generate New Creatives in Minutes

Toolkits with templates pre-built across channels and sizes allow non-designers to quickly generate assets on demand by simply choosing a design and adjusting content in a feed.

Get hundreds of images, banners, or videos ready to go in minutes.

Preview changes and variants in real-time

Run all or a selection of already available creatives

Empower non-designers to produce variants on demand

Expand creative ideas and produce all of the variants you need across a multitude of scaling dimensions.

Design and Layout

Variety of designs and layouts across campaign phases, sub-brands and/or creative approaches (copy heavy, product-focused, video etc.)

Content Variants

Production of variants for multiple messages, products, photo assets, and more that need to be applied across all dimensions.

Channel and Size

Applying original designs across numerous channels and sizes dictated by the media plan.

Language and Market

Copy, language, and other market-specific adaptation (currency, local imagery etc.) dictated by regions or markets.

Bring designers, marketers, producers, and media teams together and never miss a launch date again.


Separate design and content management, design pixel-perfect templates, and use built-in brand controls critical to content scaling.


Move review out of email with centralized, interactive feedback and approval tools for lightning-fast review cycles.


Seamlessly launch campaigns with easy export and API distribution to owned and paid channels: social, video, display, email, and more.

Empower collaboration within your entire team of marketing stakeholders with all the roles and permissions management you’d expect from enterprise SaaS software.

For Designers

Creative Automation increases designers’ capacity significantly by eliminating monotonous and repetitive design tasks.

Designer Mode

  • Adobe Photoshop integration
  • Code-free design of unique templates

Built-in Specs

  • Channel-specific formats, sizes and furniture guides
  • QA alerts & file size optimization

Smart Templates

  • Auto-sizing and auto-layouting settings
  • Content-aware components for edge-case management

Custom Fonts

  • Out-of-the-box library of Google and Monotype fonts
  • Custom font upload for unlimited use

For Creative Operations

Reviewing, monitoring, commenting, and sharing work across campaigns of any size has never been easier and faster.

  • Aligned with project management tools
  • Full transparency from start to end
  • Robust preview, approval and commenting features
Creative Automation

For Marketers

Marketers can edit or create new variants on demand without having to start the production process from scratch.

  • Increased capacity to produce and reuse assets
  • Empowered teams of growth marketers
  • Centralized content repository

When you add Creative Automation, you reduce the friction of creating new assets, giving your teams agility, speed, and additional capacity. Check out how Lazada accelerated speed-to-market with Celtra.

Global service brand increases team capacity and asset volume

With the goal of increasing their annual asset volume by 12x, a global service brand that produces +3000 assets in 30+ languages and markets, adopted Celtra to successfully improve:

  • Speed: multiple campaigns versus one per year
  • Pixel perfection: preserve extremely high level of design craftsmanship
  • Text line break rules: applied across multiple sizes and languages

3x Increased

Creative Volume

2x Shorter

Campaign Production Time

Global CPG brand builds and activates Toolkits with Celtra

By using a set of agile and flexible templates for various scenarios, a global CPG brand can instantly create new waves of content on-demand. Multiple teams are able to operate independently with brand-safe, editable creative templates.

Central creative teams maintain creative quality and consistent brand voice and local markets are able to:

  • Move at the speed of culture, by being able to collaboratively edit master templates in the cloud to support business and consumer changes
  • Spend less time redoing and starting over, by leveraging pre-approved styles and templates for new campaigns and marketing efforts
  • Be more proactive, bringing ideas forward as less time needs to be spent on execution

Download the Forrester Report

This is a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Celtra. Forrester Consulting surveyed 224 digital advertising decision makers in the US and the UK on their creative production challenges and objectives.

Download it now to learn:

  • How digital advertisers can use automation to improve their creative workflows
  • The ways that technology and current processes hinder firms’ ability to deliver
  • The top challenges firms face in developing and producing new digital ad content

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