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You need to package, sell, and activate high-value inventory to drive revenue, but developing solutions that drive results takes time and resources. What if you could create and activate a premium suite of ad products that actually drive higher performance for your advertisers while still making the most profit? Now you can have the best of both worlds with Creative Automation for Media.

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Bring automation to media monetization

Are you still struggling to make the most of your monetization strategy? Lowering operating costs while driving more business is now at reach with Creative Automation for Media. Our bespoke approach is the best fit for teams with design resources and skills to delight users. If you want to create a high-quality suite but lack the resources, we have ready-for-sale ad product templates to transform your playbook. Either way, monetizing premium inventory has never been this easy.

Build a playbook that wins RFPs again and again

  • Drive sales consistently with ad products that advertisers crave
  • Browse a selection of templates built for different advertiser KPIs, like awareness or engagement
  • Curate your offering with eye-catching layouts and features of your own bespoke design
  • Offer a full suite of premium ad products that can meet any advertiser KPI

2x faster campaign production

  • From sales to ad operations to account managers, anyone can operate and activate the reusable ad templates
  • Simply populate advertiser content into templates to create multiple ad sizes in seconds — no design skills required
  • Our set-it-and-forget-it trafficking uses streamlined, error-free tag generation so you can go live with ease

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Customer results

Mediacorp transforms monetization with Celtra Creative Automation

As Singapore’s largest content creator and national media network, Mediacorp engages over 3 million people daily across its digital platforms. Creating quality ad products that advertisers wanted to buy required tremendous design skills, which the team was struggling to scale.


Reusable ad product templates

With Celtra, Mediacorp was able to maintain their bespoke production method while automating the more time-consuming parts of the design process. They created easy-to-use templates where they could swap out text, images, video, etc. These templates were simple enough to reproduce, but flexible enough to handle more complicated elements, like custom code, as needed.


44% decrease in production time per creative 25% better monetization

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Faster Creative Production


Creative Teams Using Celtra

Get started with Creative Automation for Media today

Interested in Creative Automation? Get in touch with us today to find the best solution for your creative needs.

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