Brand-side with Paulie Dery, VP Brand Strategy & Creative, YETI

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What’s the biggest difference between working at an agency vs. in-house? According to Paulie Dery, who was the VP of Creative & Brand Strategy at YETI when he joined us on the Brand-Side podcast, it’s about going to bed with different anxieties in your stomach.

Everyone wants to do great creative. But when you’re working in-house, it’s your department, your budget, and your idea.

It all falls in your lap.

Paulie joins the podcast to discuss all things brand-side. He shares how going in-house differs from working at creative agencies, what brands need to do to make in-house agencies successful, and of course, the work, campaigns, and ideas Paulie and his team are creating for YETI.

Here’s what we discussed with Paulie:

  • The key differences between an agency’s relationship with a client and an in-house team’s relationship to the entire business
  • The importance of tracking data and using it to pivot in real-time
  • How data plays into the art-and-copy model of advertising

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