Brand Translators: Bringing Ideas to Life with RXM Creative

Listen to “Brand Translators: Bringing Ideas to Life with RXM Creative” on Spreaker.

Boutique creative agencies have a distinct advantage in giving their clients cutting-edge, innovative, and top tier campaigns.

Join us as we chat with Raul Mandru, Founder of RXM Creative, and hear the backstories on some of their most fascinating campaigns and brand work.

In the world of RXM, creatives come together organically and with purpose to craft compelling, memorable work where PR-factor is already built in the strategy and the idea.

We discuss:

  • What you get from a boutique agency vs. the big guys
  • How studying the product, the founders, and the history of a brand helps create great work
  • The metaverse and NFTs as good experimentation for artists and the arts

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