Bringing the World into the Inclusion Age with Travis Montaque

Listen to “Bringing the World into the Inclusion Age with Travis Montaque” on Spreaker.

How can meaningful inclusion make a measurable difference and create lasting importance? In media and technology this is as important as ever and driving economic inclusion for creators is the key to real success for the industry. The move to conducting business equitably is a progessive cycle and generates continuous re-investment in underrepresented communities.

This is exactly the life and work that Travis Montaque, CEO and founder of Holler and Group Black, is leading. He grew Group Black, a media collective,from 8 to over 200 companies in the first year alone. He lays out the how and why for us on the show this week.

We discuss:

  • Black entrepreneurship: why creators are key to successful inclusion and where investors should be putting their dollars
  • Being truly inclusive is just smart: what do the recent blockbusters in media- Encanto, Squid Games, Black Panther– tell us about economic success?
  • How companies can meaningfully invest in inclusion and diversity that also spurs more wealth for communities- access, opportunities and infrastructure

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