Creative Automation Myth Busting w/ David Ricculli

Listen to “Creative Automation Myth Busting w/ David Ricculli” on Spreaker.

Creative automation is the future of design. There, I said it!

As more consumer data comes out supporting the need for varied digital assets, design teams have added pressure to create more content, edit and distribute to scale.

With creative automation, design teams are gifted more time to ideate, collaborate and create instead of worrying about mundane tasks needed to scale content such as re-sizing, file types, etc.

In this episode, I interview David Ricculli, Creative Solutions Consultant at Celtra, about creative automation. We talked about:

  • Myth busting creative automation misconceptions
  • How scale can affect creatives ability to collaborate
  • Why creatives need to be in the state of ‘play’

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