Creative Entrepreneurship: How Atlantic Agency Is Redefining Work

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Sure you think about it: striking out on your own, building an agency that you want to work in as a creative, and shaping a vibrant and healthy work culture that is defined by purpose. But what does it take and what are the challenges? The rewards? Our guests today did just that after spending successful careers at some of the top agencies in the business. And they are building their agency…. from a boat in Brooklyn, NY.

JOÃO COUTINHO and MARCO PUPO have launched Atlantic New York– a new, creative-lead agency working with brands like Prime Video and Yahoo. They have accomplished so much in their short tenure at the helm and they came to share their journey with us.

We discuss:

  • The evolution of their partnership and their international careers
  • Their genesis story of how they made the leap to start their own shop
  • The new agency- client relationship and pitch process they are working with
  • The future of the agency model and the challenges of entrepreneurship

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