Creative Insights Report: Spotlight on Shoppable


If you’re ready to make data-informed decisions about your ad product suite, you’ve come to the right place. After publishing our latest Creative Insights Report filled with performance benchmarks and creative best practices, we decided to dig deeper with our spotlight series on some of the hottest ad product families like Gamified and Shoppable.

Let’s take a quick look at our research methodology before we dive into all things shoppable.

  • Goals: Determine which types of ad products perform best for each vertical and analyze which experiences are best for driving key metrics
  • Key metrics: video completion rate (VCR), engagement rate (ER), and click-through rate (CTR)
  • Celtra for Media global platform data was analyzed from Q3-Q4 2021
  • We looked at rich media, VAST video, and VPAID video formats on desktop, mobile web, and mobile app environments
  • Each analysis includes at least 10 creatives with a minimum of 100K impressions

Get the full Creative Insights Report here.

Shop ‘til you drop

Shoppable ads showcase products or services that can be purchased directly from the ad. They’re a popular ad product family because the viewer can go through the checkout process without clicking through the merchant’s website. Take for example any ad you’ve seen online with an “add to cart” or “buy now” button. That’s the world of shoppable.

When it comes to click-through rates (CTR), shoppable reigns supreme with an average CTR of 0.68%. Compared to other ad product families like gamified (0.28%) or location-based (0.10%), it’s clear that shoppable is the king of clicks.

But engagement rate? That’s another story. Gamified ad products see 3x the ER than shoppable ads. Although shoppable is not the star of engagement, it does make the top 3 best ad product families for video completion rate (VCR).

Vertical-specific insights for shoppable

Retail and e-commerce: For lower-funnel retail and e-commerce campaigns, shoppable is everything. With an average CTR of 0.52%, it’s the best ad product for this stage. The key takeaway for shoppable ad products in this vertical is to take advantage of advanced formats that take up space.

CPG: The most popular ad product for lower-funnel CPG tactics is shoppable. In fact, they make up nearly half of the frequency by impression volume for this vertical. If you’re curious what ad format to try for lower-funnel CPG, consider interstitial to drive lower-funnel KPIs.

Other verticals: Curious about what’s going on with shoppable in other verticals? Discover how technology, food and beverage, quick-serve restaurant, and automotive campaigns also benefit from shoppable ad experiences in the full report here.

Getting started with shoppable

Ready to elevate your playbook with shoppable ad products like no other? With Celtra’s Creative Automation for Media, now you can create and activate a premium suite of ad products that drive higher performance while making the most profit. If you’re interested in learning more, send us a note today.

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