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Creative Insights Report: Second Edition

It’s time for a pulse check on the media industry. How are the biggest players in media upgrading, centralizing, and streamlining their monetization strategies? We ran another Creative Insights Report to find out. This report is a roundup of performance benchmarks and creative best practices to help you make data-informed decisions about your ad product suite. Let’s dive into some of the highlights.

Shoppable ads have the best click-through rates

One of the most popular metrics for measuring ad performance is click-through rate (CTR). Although it does not guarantee conversion, it does give a good perspective on how well ads engage viewers. In our study, we found that shoppable ads drive the best CTR compared to other ad product families. This means that media owners and operators looking to increase CTR for advertisers could benefit from adding more shoppable ad products to their portfolios.

Instream video drives better VCR than inline video

If a viewer watches an entire video ad by choice, it’s a safe bet that they’re interested in the content (and perhaps more likely to convert). To get a better understanding of how viewers engage with video, we analyzed video in display inventory (inline) against video in video inventory (instream). We found that instream video completion rates (VCR) were 63% better than inline VCR.

Try A/B tests with your videos to see where and when your audience engages the most.

Gamified ad products have the highest engagement rate

With an average 3.31% engagement rate (ER), gamified ads continue to see major success compared to other ad product families. These ads rely on interactive components that feel like games such as polls, quizzes, and memory. The components are used to engage and convert customers by encouraging them to interact with your brand.

We know that if you’re buying or selling media, you want to reach those campaign goals. Here’s a sneak peek at some additional engagement-related findings:

Fuel your creative with powerful insights

Download the Creative Insights Report: Second Edition to access the full study, review vertical-specific benchmarks, and so much more. 

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Research Process

During Q1 and Q2 of 2022, we analyzed approximately 5,000 creatives in global markets from H2 2021 to determine which types of ads perform best for each vertical. We also analyzed which experiences are best for driving key metrics, including video completion rate (VCR), engagement rate (ER), and click-through rate (CTR). We looked at rich media, VAST video, and VPAID video formats on desktop, mobile web, and mobile app environments. Each analysis included at least 10 creatives with a minimum of 100,000 impressions observed.


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