From Advertising to Art with Kristin Simmons

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The line between fine art, branding, and the commercial world has never been the same since the Pop Art movement of the 1970’s. In this episode, we’re delving deep into how art and consumerism intersect with Kristin Simmons, a fine artist with a background in creative advertising.

Kristin embarked on her career on the agency-side while always maintaining her artist sensibility. Now she is a full-time artist and fresh off her provocative and expansive exhibit “Obsessions and Confessions” on the 7th floor of Berdof Goodman’s in New York City.

She spoke with us about society’s obsession with consumerism and how that has influenced the social satire she engages in through her work. We also discussed the NFT space, Web3’s impact on art and marketing, and Kristin’s new NFT Project.

Join us as we dive into:

  • The exciting intersection of fine art and commerce
  • Pop influence and creating art that is provocative and thoughtful
  • How the nascent NFT space is surprisingly welcoming for women

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