Introducing: Brand-Side APAC

Listen to “Introducing: Brand-Side APAC” on Spreaker.

Every marketer understands the power of creative content — but scaling it is a challenge for many organisations.

And for organisations operating in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region, the diverse regional nuances can compound the challenge.

Here at Celtra, we understand the creative content challenges organisations face, so we’re excited to announce our new show, Brand-Side APAC, which tackles these issues alongside the unique difficulties the APAC region poses.

In this introductory episode, producer Rita Richa speaks with host Raushida Vasaiwala, the APAC General Manager at Celtra, about this exciting new podcast.

You’ll learn:

– Why we created this podcast

– What to expect in upcoming episodes

– The types of guests you can expect to hear

To hear this episode, and many more like it, subscribe to Brand-Side APAC on Spotify, on Apple Podcasts, or on our website.

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