Performance Marketing x Creative with Public Goods

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You know who did very well early on in the COVID-19 pandemic?
Companies that sold things like hand sanitizer and toilet paper. Those everyday things that we all took for granted, but found ourselves unable to get at our local stores, or even online?

But what do you do when you get banned from Facebook for advertising those products? You innovate, create new ways of advertising, and try to figure out a way to get around the censors.

On this episode of BrandSide, I interview Myles Pindus. Myles is the performance marketing manager at Public Goods, a subscription based D2C company focused on everyday household items like groceries, home goods, and personal care products.

We talked about:

  • Getting banned from advertising their best selling items on Facebook at the onset of the pandemic
  • Creating subversive storytelling that skirted around the censors
  • The relationship between marketing and creative, and why it’s so crucial for product performance marketing.

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