Putting Joy and Understanding Back into Ad Experiences

Listen to “Putting Joy and Understanding Back into Ad Experiences” on Spreaker.

The Ad Tech world is constantly changing, and sometimes we underestimate the impact our large corner of the media has on society as a whole. Are we leading responsibly? Educating our consumers about the uses of data?

Jacquie Pelusi, Senior Director of Global Media Operations at Tripadvisor, is one of those industry leaders that thinks deeply about these issues. She acknowledges that it’s not that we are at a point where we don’t want to try new things, we just don’t want to totally replace the old ways.

Join us as Jacquie and Nikki discuss:

  • Bringing joy back to advertising and providing authentic native experiences
  • Changes needed in digital metrics to better serve advertisers, publishers and consumers
  • Tripadvisor’s upcoming diversity and educational initiatives
  • Campaigns to reinforce the value of free information \ and how advertising can open these doors for publishers
  • Buzzwords we hate (hint- one might be… metaverse)

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