The Only Optimist Left In Ad Tech

Listen to “The Only Optimist Left In Ad Tech” on Spreaker.

As we sprint through the last month of 2022, let’s stop and take stock of our evolving world of digital advertising technology. Our guest, Utshob Alam, VP of Analytics at Media Math, has experienced the ad tech industry from multiple vantage points. Now overseeing analytics, he occupies the ideal perch to take stock of the industry and  give us some insights on what we should be paying more (and less) attention to.

Join us as we discuss:

  • What does qualitative data look like and the struggle to get it out of users
  • New and emerging channels and the metrics we should use to prove success (like digital out-of-home and AR)
  • Generational differences in appeal (and not) of digital advertising
  • The value of ad tech memes

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