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Design Control and Production Speed Like Never Before

With Celtra Scaling Studio, go from a custom concept to thousands of activation-ready video and image creatives in a fraction of the time.

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See What Scaling Studio Can Do for Your Team

Templates Design templates, precisely

Express your voice and safeguard quality with the design attention and detail your branding deserves.

  • Unique template design Intuitively create and build templates from scratch for static and video assets with all design controls.
  • Auto-layout and responsive templates Features like auto-layout and text fitting ensure designs are flexible and seamlessly handle all edge-cases.

Motion Graphics Build assets with motion

Make and scale up the production of amazing, engaging videos and animated creatives.

  • Capture attention with animations Add video, animate layers, and customize sequences to bring creatives to life.
  • Seamlessly work between formats With production in one space, save time by efficiently adapting designs between sizes, static and video formats.

Sizes Scale and automate unlimited variety

Reduce production time with Celtra’s creative automation technology to generate thousands of variations from a single concept.

  • Adapt content and design properties Effortlessly produce creatives with relevant content across languages, messaging, and visuals with flexible, custom-defined content feeds.
  • Generate on-brand variations in an instant Real-time changes lets you iterate more and faster. Adjust designs, tweak content, and see results in a matter of seconds.

Design Produce inclusively and never miss a launch date

Cloud-based production brings together marketing teams and creative partners in one place. Never miss a launch date again.

  • Multi-player editing Real-time editing and collaboration lets design and marketing teams stay in lock-step.
  • Dedicated editing modes Creatives remain focused with pixel-perfection as word-smithers directly craft and individualize messaging.

Millions of Automated,
On-Brand Creatives Produced

assets from a single template

variants from a single campaign

assets produced on average each year

Veera Somerpalo

“We love seeing the variations in real-time – it makes it way easier to show the assets to the team, collect feedback, and make the campaign ads consistent.”

Veera Somerpalo
Graphic Designer, Wolt

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