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Creative Automation for Marketing

Turn to automation for all your brand, performance,
and e-commerce creative.

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  • Accelerate Speed-to-Market

    Get your campaigns out the door faster with built-in briefing, approvals, and distribution.

  • Brand Consistency With Global Toolkits

    Keep your creative consistent across markets and regions.

  • Support Growth and

    Automate performance creative to drive traffic and growth across e-commerce.

  • Scale Creative for Personalization

    Automate production to generate all the variants needed for personalized marketing.

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By introducing creative production automation to our workflows, Spotify has been able to produce and launch 4 times more content with twice as fast production cycles with our global summer campaign. This kind of scale would not be feasible with manual creation.

Veda Partalo VP, Premium Brand & Marketing, Spotify

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Creative Enablement for Programmatic

Our original product, Celtra Creative Enablement is a bespoke display and video solution for publishers and media platforms to produce innovative ad products. Enhance and differentiate your media offering with creative high-impact, data-driven experiences.

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Celtra let us turn our brand tool kits into flexible creative templates that could be adapted into 100s of beautiful variants by local markets, saving us money and time per campaign, while maintaining quality and enabling personalization.

Marcus Cho Global Lead, Consumer Engagement Audience & Media Personalization, adidas

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Download the Forrester Report

This is a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Celtra. Forrester Consulting surveyed 224 digital advertising decision makers in the US and the UK on their creative production challenges and objectives.

Download it now to learn:

  • How digital advertisers can use automation to improve their creative workflows
  • The ways that technology and current processes hinder firms’ ability to deliver
  • The top challenges firms face in developing and producing new digital ad content

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