3 Reasons Your Marketing Team Needs Creative Automation

By Celtra

Cynthia Kittler

Marketers always try to stay one step ahead of the game. From audience research to experimenting with innovative creative strategies, marketers are the experts at finding effective ad content solutions. With stagnant budgets and growing consumer demands, it can be difficult to stay on track of, let alone exceed, their goals. What can marketing teams do to optimize their digital advertising performance? Well, they can look to Creative Automation. 

Before we dive in, we made sure to cover our bases. Celtra conducted a survey with Regina Corso Consulting in Q4 2020, targeting 250 US-based marketing professionals who are at least a director and from a company with at least 250 employees. This survey explored marketers’ current strategies and the creative challenges that they face today. We explored some of these issues in our blog post, What Marketers are Saying About Creative Challenges. Now let’s take a closer look at what they are saying and how Creative Automation can help.   


1. Keep priorities in check

A successful marketing plan involves key strategies that lead to brand advertising success. When we asked what marketers are prioritizing, we found consistent insights. Marketers’ priorities for content creation are: creative variety (96%), production efficiency (94%), improved remote connection (91%) and a faster time to market (91%). By introducing Creative Automation, marketing teams can easily check off these boxes through one streamlined platform. It allows marketers to easily scale a variety of content and improve speed to market by simplifying production over cloud-based software.    


2. Buy back time 

Interestingly, we found that bandwidth and budget are not primary concerns for marketers. The grand majority (89%) say that their team has the bandwidth and budget to create content that meets evolving customer needs and also offers a variety of fresh content on a regular basis. So what is the pain point that marketers are facing? Time. In fact, 86% of marketers say their creative team needs more time to devote to the creative process. With Creative Automation, brands can triple their creative volume and cut their production time in half. That means more content variety for your audience and more time for your team to strategize and design. 


3. Amplify creative content 

Content variety is crucial for brand advertising so that shoppers don’t grow tired of seeing the same ad over and over again. A key tactic for content variety is personalization. It is to no surprise then that during our study we found that 92% of marketers are creating personalized content experiences for different audiences. However, one of the main challenges of personalization is the production process. Manual methods of production make the process of personalization incredibly slow and burdensome. Instead, marketers can rely on Creative Automation to simplify that process. That way, teams can quickly and efficiently scale personalized content, while ensuring quality design and brand integrity.    


Creative Automation not only helps speed up the production process, but it also allows marketers to maximize volume to achieve creative variety with one foolproof platform. Set your team up for success with the help of Celtra. Read this to learn more about how our Creative Automation software can help your marketing team today. 

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