Ad Products For Success: The Latest Creative Insights Report Is Here

By Celtra

Attention is the new “gold” of the digital era that every advertiser is looking for. It follows that if you want to attract advertisers, you need to offer ad products that deliver immersive content experiences and engage audiences. The tricky thing? Knowing which ad products will boost engagement rates the most in today’s ever-changing cultural, customer, and advertising landscapes. 

Enter our Creative Insights Report, bringing you the latest performance benchmarks and creative best practices to help you build ad experiences that advertisers will love. 

Between January 1 and March 31, 2024, we analyzed creatives, requests, and impressions across activity performed in Celtra to find the highest-scoring ad products and ad formats that have been the most effective at driving engagement. We’ve looked at performance across multiple verticals, ad product categories, and mechanisms.

Let’s dive into some of the findings.

Gamified ads for higher engagement rates

Looking to boost engagement rates for advertisers? You might want to double down on gamified ad products. We’ve found that gamified ad products outperform traditional static products and catalog-like ad experiences across multiple verticals.

In fact, gamified ad products have proven to be one of the main drivers of higher engagement and exposure in Retail & E-commerce and Entertainment & Media, scoring better than other ad product families.

Video still the winning format

Video isn’t going anywhere any time soon, especially in Telecommunication and Retail & E-commerce, where video-based ad products scored at least 10% higher instream video completion rates than the benchmark.

Is there an ad format that can drive your engagement even further than video assets? Try enhanced personalized video ads

Dynamic video experiences play a crucial role
in driving video completion rates, delivering 1.3 times higher rates on average than served video assets.

Driving click-through rates with multi-unit skins

Ample banner space can equal more impactful desktop experiences, and multi-unit skins are achieving better click-through rates than standard leaderboard banners (728×90 px).

Want more actionable insights to power your best creative advertising strategy? Download the Creative Insights Report and access our full study, including more vertical-specific benchmarks. 

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