Case Study: Lyft Boosts Lower-Funnel Conversions by Leveraging Modular Production

By Celtra

Lyft aims to improve people’s lives with the world’s best transportation. They believe transportation and tech bring people together and are committed to providing convenient, affordable, and reliable transportation to help grow and positively impact the communities they serve. 

Challenge: Continuously update personalized video ads across multiple channels 

Reaching and continuously engaging multiple communities of new riders on the ground requires nuanced and personalized campaigns. One of the key creative goals was to incorporate lifestyle video footage to increase the impact of their ads as they entered a new market. The growth team also needed a way to iteratively test offers unique to the channels they used to reach new riders.

Increasing the production of video-based creatives was a new goal for the creative team and their partner agency. However, their motion design resources were lean, and the new goal would significantly strain their team. With so many moving parts to deliver all of the on-brand social video ads, Lyft turned to Celtra for help.

Solution: Striking the perfect balance between scalability and creative excellence

Using Celtra’s robust and flexible video templates, Lyft established a modular video production approach that lets the creative team manage multiple variations of unique video ads, with the design precision to ensure creatives aligned with the creative vision. 

Celtra’s built-in custom animations and easings allowed the creative team to ensure all headings and CTAs were perfectly aligned with the live video footage in the creative. Furthermore, Celtra’s robust content feeds allowed Lyft’s growth team to directly handle which nuanced offers and messaging to feature at their own pace without impacting the original design.

Results: Fast, scalable video ad production makes room for more personalization

Using Celtra’s modular video template creative, the creative and growth team made over 600 unique creatives with targeted footage and coupon offers for over ten different markets in multiple languages and three various CTAs for testing at a fraction of the production time. 

With a faster modular video production process, the team feels poised to adapt their creative and messaging for future campaigns quickly. 

By speeding up their activation times and opening their production resources, the team has more room to experiment creatively. As the next steps, Lyft is eager to start new concepts and video ideas and incorporate more personalized footage and messaging across their creatives to minimize ad fatigue.

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