Attractive Video Ad Products: What Publishers Should Invest In

By Nikki Gertner

There are more eyeballs on screens than ever before. Last year, the global average online consumption stood at around 6 hours and 57 minutes per day. With so many people spending more time online, publishers must find creative ways to showcase brand content.

One way to accomplish this is through video ad products. HubSpot found that video marketing has grown by 25% in the last 6 years and from a marketer’s perspective, 81% feel that video has an immediate positive impact on ROI and 58% plan to incorporate more videos moving forward. Seeing as video improves the overall user experience and is clearly driving success and awareness across the board, publishers need to consider the variety of video products that they can add to their toolbox. Let’s take a look at some of the creative experiences that publishers should invest in.

Highly attractive, highly interactive social video

When we think of video products, the first thing that usually comes to mind is VAST & VPAID. Although these are great for running video, playing standard content quickly becomes vanilla. Video products that pop need to entice viewers. That’s where Social Display comes in. The familiar look and feel of the social posts offer exciting ways to engage with the audience, right down to the emojis. From interactive overlays to time-based tune-in messaging, there are many Rich Media features that publishers can tap into to heighten the experience of social video. When publishers introduce video into their Social Display ad products, they can offer elevated experiences with creative functionality to drive viewer engagement. What they need is a tool that can help them produce those unexpected, interactive video products that attract the viewer’s eye with social content. 

CC you later 

Most video ads are played without sound. Whether they automatically play on mute or the viewer turns the sound off, many viewers are missing out on audio messaging. When sound makes up half of the creative video experience, what can publishers do to prevent losing the ad communication? Introduce closed captioning. It turns out that 80% of people are more likely to watch an entire video when captions are available. Providing auditory messaging as text not only preserves the ad communication as a whole but also creates an unobtrusive video experience. Creating an enjoyable and engaging environment for viewers is crucial for publishers, which is why closed captioning is a great way to maintain creative ad integrity and viewer engagement. 

Show some Skins

Perhaps one of the most compelling ways publishers can create rich video experiences is with Site Skins. This format makes use of the blank space without intruding on the actual site content. Site Skins offer a full-page takeover experience to tell a fuller brand story. Publishers can get really creative with this format and hero video in creative ways, with features like shrinking, fading, or folding. You can play around with the flow of the content to embellish brand storytelling without disrupting the overall viewing experience. 

Creative Enablement for video solutions  

If you’re interested in attractive video solutions to create rich, dynamic experiences for viewers, then it’s time to look into Celtra for Media. Our video solutions include VAST, VPAID, Display and Outstream formats, seamless closed captioning integrations, and more. With such a wide variety of tools, publishers can be more creative than ever before. When you can integrate more enjoyable interactive features into websites, you can create experiences that complement your media and work with the flow of the content.  

Interested in learning more about Celtra for Media? Send us a note and we’ll get in touch.

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