Celtra Named Snapchat Partner to Make Beautiful Ads Easy

By Celtra


In today’s highly automated, data-driven digital advertising market, ensuring great creative can be a challenge. Yet it remains as important as ever, ultimately driving the user experience and ROI for advertisers. The key is to make great, data-driven creative simple and enable it across devices, formats, and channels. Celtra being named a Creative API Partner is a big step towards that goal and a natural fit for our two companies.

Snap Inc. has been empowering people to tell their stories creatively for years, with Snapchat providing the ultimate app to do so. Celtra has long been empowering advertisers, agencies, and media suppliers to create beautiful video, display, and native ads. The partnership will enable advertisers to build great creative for Snapchat and do so easily. But Celtra’s Creative Management Platform already supports Snap Ads, so what is actually changing?

This partnership will deliver even tighter integration and allow advertisers to seamlessly extend Celtra video ads and mobile web experiences into Snapchat for Snap Ad campaigns. This will more closely connect the creative process with the advertising workflow. The API will enable marketers to quickly & easily create Snapchat content as well as give marketers the ability to better test, learn, and update creative for effective campaign performance.

Brands eager to advertise on Snapchat will be able to build better creative and streamline their processes. And they will be one step closer to being able to build one great video ad that can run across devices and channels.

We at Celtra are extremely excited about working ever more closely with Snapchat and view this as the beginning of a great journey. As a partner, we love to see such intense focus on innovation and the user experience. Great things are in store for our customers, and for an industry that yearns for simplifying great creative.

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