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Relevant Video for Any Screen

Celtra Dynamic Video is the one-stop solution for activating your data to power relevancy, creating and serving endless combinations of video for the media buying platform of your choice.

See What Relevancy at Scale Can Do for Your Lower Funnel Strategy

Produce, review & render video flawlessly

Comprehensive, self-serve video editing tools for generating video variants at scale.

  • Compose video assets from scratch Add sound and motion to image and text like simple fades or complex animations.
  • Enhance existing video assets Create visual overlays, graphic call-outs and end-cards to embellish existing video.

Seamless onboarding of data for real-time dynamic content

Plug in data feeds for hyper-relevant content rendering at impression time.

  • Continuous, on-demand updates Sync from real-time sources such as product catalogs and content feeds.
  • Relevancy in the moment Program creative to respond to a viewers dynamic environment like the time of day, location
    and weather.

Worry-free trafficking

Reduce trafficking errors with Celtra’s trafficking templates and time-saving presets.

  • Automatic compatibility Instant generation of video stream that works with any type of VAST inventory.
  • 3rd party partners made easy Frictionless application of ad-server specific macros, click trackers, impression pixels and brand studies.

Define the metrics that matter

Quartiles, completions, QR code scans.

  • Comprehensive, customizable reports Granular, creative-level metrics you can use to break out individual variant and supply source performance.
  • Safety first! Verification integrations including MOAT, DV & Comscore available for every placement.

Adtheorent Delivers Relevancy Across CTV With Celtra

As the leader in primary-sourced, ID-free advertising solutions, Adtheorent needed a way to deliver a hyper-localized message with corresponding QR code to the most relevant audience, right in their hometown.


Celtra provided impression-level detection of location & audience signals, powering automatic rendering of dynamic video variants for creative relevancy. With built-in location detection via the device IP, Adtheorent was able to identify the viewer’s city and serve them the correct message & QR code across CTV environments.


VCR - Video Completion Rate

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