Concoct Your Next Strategy With Celtra’s Creative Insights Report

By Celtra

4th Edition: Q3 – Q4 2022

Hey there number-crunchers and benchmark-lovers! The moment you’ve been waiting for has finally arrived – the Celtra Creative Insights Report is back. We’ve dived deep into the data to analyze how big shots in the media world are blending creative magic with advertiser content to boost inventory to drive performance.

All gas no breaks for video ads for the Automotive vertical

It’s clear from this groundbreaking performance that video ad products in vertical are killing it for the automobile industry with an average VCR of 58.53% which outperformed the benchmark by 10%. With the ever-continuing rise of mobile video consumption, vertical formats are the natural answer to your video advertising needs. We’ve seen companies like Volvo leverage the effectiveness of vertical video ads to capture their audience’s attention and drive awareness. With a strong visual component at the wheel, these are an ideal format to park in your ad suite. 

Time to shine for ​impact products for Travel & Hospitality

Exposure so long these ads are getting a tan. Our report shows that ad products for the Travel & Hospitality vertical have been seriously enjoying their time in the sun with an average exposure time of 33.5 seconds. Publishers like Tripadvisor have been successfully leveraging this increased interest to drive engagement and conversions. Maybe some leftover pent-up demand for travel and hospitality services following the pandemic? Or a little moment imagining yourself in a hammock on the beach between reading. Perhaps it’s the decision-making process for booking a holiday which usually takes a bit of umming and ahhing before committing. Either way, sunshine is always calling and impact ads are an effective way to remind consumers of that.

Chomp on success with gamified ad Products for the Food/Bev/Edible (FBE)

Snack on engagement rates that outperform the benchmark by double! According to the latest Creative Insights findings, gamified ad products for the food, beverage and edible CPG industry have once again proven to be a tasty way to attract and retain the attention of consumers with an average ER of 2.47%. Gamifying FBE products work particularly well for what is typically fun, colorful, and playful branding and packaging. After all, who doesn’t love a snack and a game? By incorporating quick and easy gaming elements into ads, create an immersive and engaging experience for your consumers. So drop traditional advertising and get playful with gamified ads! 

And finally… a standing ovation for shoppable ad products for Entertainment & Media

Shoppable ad products for the entertainment and media vertical have also had great click-through rates. These ads leverage the viewers’ interest and excitement for the content by allowing them to purchase products with just a few clicks. Publishers make sure that all their placements are incredibly well-integrated into the content, creating a seamless blend between the viewer’s experience and the ad. As you can see below, these creatively designed ads make the purchasing process quick and easy, leading to a higher likelihood of conversion. Check out how Martini used one of our shoppable ads to drive engagement and CTR for Persol below:

Hungry for more? Get your hands on the fourth edition of our Creative Insights report, available for download here.

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