How Video Content Production is Evolving for CTV

By Celtra

Min Heo

How can creative teams continue producing high volumes of content for CTV while keeping costs low?

As cable TV dies a slow, quiet death, more viewers are turning to streaming platforms for their entertainment needs. Where once upon a time Netflix ruled as king of our screens, the battlefield is now filled with hundreds of other streaming platforms like Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, and HBO Max all fighting tooth and nail for our subscription dollars. 

This shift away from traditional (can we say vintage at this point?) cable TV advertising has led media buyers to search for new sources of television advertising inventory to reach audiences, particularly younger consumers who have cut cable (cord-cutters) or let’s be honest, never even had it in the first place. As a result, publishers with video inventory recognize the potential of moving to Connected TV (CTV) as a way to reach these viewers and monetize their content. The big attraction with CTV, is that it allows advertisers to target specific demographics and track the effectiveness of their campaigns, making it a goldmine for marketers looking to reach said cord-cutters.

Celtra for Dynamic Video

Celtra for Dynamic Video provides a one-stop solution for Video Ad Serving Templates (VAST) personalization. This includes production, review, rendering and ad serving. The platform allows your team to design and produce thousands of unique VAST video creative variants at phenomenal speed. Our on-demand rendering engine eliminates waste and the need to pre-render thousands of videos which may never be used. Instead, videos are created continuously on a need basis and thus at a much lower cost. Between high production cost of video content and complications that come with launching multiple campaigns on time- not to mention how tricky it can be to successfully convey a story in the lower-funnel metrics, Celtra’s Dynamic Video provides a much-needed solution for creative teams. 

Adtheorent x Celtra success story

Adtheorent used Celtra’s one-stop-shop for VAST personalization to target a specific audience that had qualified for certain health benefits and options for healthcare in different parts of the country. Adtheorent brought the audiences to the table, and Celtra was able to detect their location from their CTV device, making sure the right creative was served to the right person.

Components on the stage such as images and text are fully programmable, so the content can be swapped out based on whatever signal you input and wish to trigger. This means that each variation of the video can be assembled in real-time, eliminating the need to create multiple versions of the video asset in advance. With a consistent flow of new video variants both produced and updated, you won’t even need to re-traffic tags or re-upload updated video assets to change messaging. You will also publish all your always-on creative updates in, you guessed it, (near) real-time. 

Can’t forget about those 3rd party tracking & brand safety vendors

It has been said that CTV is still the wild, wild west with very little standardization which can make monetization a challenge. Luckily, Celtra is the more sleek, comprehensive solution for Rich Media and Video. We’ve been in the video ad-serving game for a long time, and we make it easy for users to reliably attach all the 3rd party tracking pixels necessary for fraud & measurement. This makes for a much steadier, safer and easy navigation of an otherwise “wild” landscape of multiple data sets that marketers are collecting.

If you’re interested in bringing Celtra for Dynamic Video and CTV to your business, get in touch with us here, or book a demo today. There’s nothing quite like getting on the bandwagon in the nick of time! 

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