Introducing AI Content Assistant, Now Available in Celtra’s Creative Automation Platform

By Celtra

Today, consumer expectations and economic circumstances can change on a whim, putting high pressure on marketing and creative teams to continuously deliver at a gallop. Demand for faster campaign turnaround won’t ease up, so it’s more critical than ever for marketing and creative teams to establish the right process, foundational technologies, and infrastructure to empower their teams to adapt to the cultural ebb and flows while safeguarding their precious resource and time to deliver the right ideas and creative excellence that drive growth. 

With the introduction of AI and the opportunities it offers for business, our product team was incredibly excited to launch the first GPT powered AI content assistant made for scaled creative production. We know first-hand how marketing and creative teams struggle with restricted time and shrinking resources dedicated to continuous creative iterations. This is why we’ve built a GPT-powered content assistant straight into Celtra’s creative automation suite to heighten the efficiency, scalability, and effectiveness of ad campaigns made in Celtra.

Why we built in AI text assistance for the ad creative production process

Anyone involved in digital creative production can tell you that slow content development is not always a lack of new ideas but rather a time and resource deficit to progress relevant ideas for your audience and market, and fast. Meaning creative development and production needs to be as nimble as possible and execute on-target messaging, visuals, and creative that land every time.

Celtra’s newest AI content generation steps in to do just that – optimize both ends of the creative adaptation process, from content development to production execution. As we further integrate AI-driven automation, marketing and creative teams are empowered to clear away time-intensive tasks that take away effort during critical stages of critical production, including:

  • Jumpstart thought-starters for content, whether it be for testing agendas, expanding iterations to widen campaign scope or audience localization.
  • Accelerate the creative team’s proactive design and template creation process and further augment execution precision.

AI powers scalable relevant content development

Inserting AI at the epicenter of content handling in production is critical in accelerating processes for digital ad adaptations. Preparing strategic messaging, headlines, and content upfront can take you so far, but you only know how well suited content will be once it is incorporated into the final creative form. 

Insights like this inspired us to directly integrate the AI text generation into content feeds, the core area that automates creative versions produced in Celtra. Powered by open AI model ChatGPT, Celtra’s text generation allows users to define prompts – dimensions and initial text – that contextualize the type of headline copy, CTA, or text needed for specific content conditions.

Once an initial sample is provided, hit “populate,” and Celtra will automatically generate multiple options of high-quality content based on the dimensions provided. To speed up the QC process, users can even evaluate line-by-line and leverage AI to rephrase, shorten, lengthen, and refine the text best suited for their content objectives.

Lean on AI to deliver excellent production

Our product team noticed that one of the critical blockers for production velocity is design teams waiting for final content mid-through production or accumulating the number of line breaks, text styles edits, and format fine-tuning towards the end of production. They can move on with production only after creative teams have received the final and approved copy. The core of Celtra’s solution is to deliver scalable creative excellence, and AI is also integral during the template creation process to maintain design precision and quality.

As Celtra’s creative automation platform, Scaling Studio, is real-time, designers can use AI-generation to simulate realistic placeholders and proactively identify and solve design edge cases without waiting for the final approved content. This way, the design and creative teams can move between production stages while supporting the agility needed for non-linear iterative content changes. 

Drive the best creative outcomes in mere seconds

Going from scratch to final, relevant creative results in a few seconds can significantly expand new opportunities for marketing speed and creative marketing interoperability. With Celtra’s AI-focused creative automation, you’ll be able to produce compelling, resonating ad creatives and take adaptive ad creation to new heights. Get started and revamp AI-powered content production with Celtra.

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