Meet Creative Automation for Dynamic Product Ads

By Celtra

The lower-funnel creative revolution is here, and we’re kicking boring white backgrounds and generic product shots to the curb. Although they’re tasked with the bottom line of business, lower-funnel ads are often a disgrace to brand identity. They look just the same as every other brand, and they definitely do not have a great rep amongst customers.

But what if you could deliver a lift in ROAS and show-stopping creative? By delivering on-brand creative across the funnel, brands can boost performance and build brand equity all at once. That’s where our Creative Automation solution comes in. With support for Dynamic Product Ads (DPA), it allows growth marketing and creative teams to transform DPAs into high-quality, on-brand creative at scale across the funnel. Read on to learn the benefits of full-funnel creative excellence and how Celtra’s Creative Automation can help.


Drive performance 

As marketers, we rely on DPA as a powerhouse for performance. Although plain creative can get the job done, we’ve found that better creative boosts performance to new heights. In fact, producing on-brand commerce content can drop CPC (cost per click) by 50% and increase ROAS (return on ad spend) by 50%. With numbers like that, the takeaway is this: performance improves when you have the power of your brand behind it. 


Grow brand equity 

Establishing an identifiable, well-known brand doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time to curate a brand’s market recognition and look and feel, which is why it’s crucial to support that branding across every touchpoint. 85% of shoppers are more likely to trust a brand with high-quality and well-designed ads, which includes lower-funnel content. By enhancing dynamic product ads, brands can cultivate stronger brand value. Establishing that brand value and cultivating it across every channel not only strengthens the business, but allows shoppers to recognize a brand in a blink.


Maintain creative consistency 

Consistency is key. The vast majority of shoppers (74%) are more loyal to brands with consistent, high-quality branding in creative content. By using the same design and language used across multiple channels, brands can create content that resonates with shoppers across the funnel. Shoppers not only want to see ads that look good, but ads that look like the brand. That’s why most shoppers (60%) distrust a brand when their ads don’t match the brand’s website, app, or store. With more online marketing opportunities than ever before, brands need creative solutions that continue brand storytelling and creative excellence across high-volume, lower-funnel campaigns. 


Ready to unlock your ad and creative performance with Celtra? Send us a note to learn more, or get in touch with your customer success team member today.  


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