Creative Automation for Dynamic Product Ads

With Celtra’s creative automation tools, you can bring the power of your brand across the entire customer journey – from awareness campaigns to conversion-focused product ads.

It’s a lower-funnel creative revolution!

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On-Brand Commerce Ads Can Increase ROAS by 50%

Consistent branding, personalized customer journey, and high-quality creatives are the top drivers of e-commerce sales.

So why should your brand stop short of the top-performing Facebook dynamic ads?

Drive Trust


of shoppers are more likely to trust a brand with high-quality and well-designed ads.

Create Variety


of shoppers want to see more creative variety in advertising.

Foster Loyalty


of shoppers are more loyal brands with consistent, high-quality branding in creative content.

With Celtra, we are finally able to deliver creative tailored specifically for any channel, produce variations at scale to do always-on creative testing, and apply those learnings on-the-fly.

Tasnim Khan Performance Marketing Manager, Social, Shopify

Brand Consistency Across The Marketing Funnel

Celtra’s newest addition to Creative Automation lets you build performance-driving, on-brand creatives across the funnel.

Your brand is investing big into branding and design. Now, introduce the same craft and excellence into your lower-funnel creatives, too.

Supported Platforms

Enrich product catalogs with ease:

From full creative freedom to advanced design features, nobody does branded templates quite like Celtra. Automatically produce creative variations without the extra manual work. Apply customized templates, and use rules to automatically show the most updated pricing, promos, and product information across creatives.

Check out Dynamic Product Ad template ideas from the Celtra Studio.

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