No Predictions Needed: Tools In-House Creatives Need in 2022

By Celtra

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David Krančan

Whether you work from home, the office, or both- our hybrid working week has presented us all with new ways of interacting and collaborating with colleagues. And now, the option to go back to the office presents the best of both worlds– as teams can benefit from in-person, in-office work while also choosing to be productive from the sofa. 

But working from home, or in the office, or hybrid, still has its challenges, and creative teams rely heavily on the tools that make navigating this (relatively) new landscape easy and enjoyable. So here’s a little list of all the tools in-house creatives need in 2022 for the office, home, home-office balancing act.

Digital Tools save the day for creative production workflows

Digital tools came to the rescue in the dark days of Corona and now they’re here to stay. We’ve seen companies like adidas take charge in this arena, whose investment in digital tools like Celtra have seen their e-commerce sales jump up by 93%. Creative Automation tools helped them scale content for their #HomeTeam campaign to keep people motivated and moving during lockdown, but it’s as simple as adjusting the messaging for a personalized experience to stay relevant today. 

Similarly, companies like Spotify are spread across 92 global regions with multiple product offerings – a structure common to most. This demands synchronicity from a branding and messaging standpoint, since creative needs are amplified by default. Throw in a remote-first work set up, and you’ll quickly see why the right creative production tools, like Creative Automation, are still paramount:

Speed to market – Launch campaigns 2x faster

Shorten the feedback loop – Cut review and feedback processes by 40% as all comments and feedback can be left directly in the platform. 

Accelerate creative developmentProduce assets 3x faster, which means brands can scale up without having to sacrifice quality.

Edit on the fly – Since content is separated from design, any copy or messaging tweaks can be made in real time, and automatically refreshes the creative with it.

Other tools in-house creative and content teams love in 2022

Tiktok analytics software: a.k.a. ‘TikTokalytics’ use social platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter and TikTok to gain traction in the marketing community. Many marketers have lost their patience with social platform data like Facebook Ad Manager due to no longer being able to make sense of it without the help of attribution tools. TikTokalytic is the newest software tool that provides juicy analytics that vendors can trust. 

Zoom– This bad boy needs no introduction or explanation. 

Grammarly- Any content marketer will tell you that this is a lifesaver for when you’ve proofread your copy a million times and still cna’t see any typos. 😉– is a video collaboration tool that our creatives use when they need to collaborate on long-form video content for e.g. product marketing. With multiple stakeholders from different departments, we really enjoy the ability to leave feedback and resolve comments directly in their platform.

Spotify – Just to keep you bopping along during the working week. This tool is valuable at home, during the commute, and at the office. 

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