No Predictions Needed: Tools In-House Creatives Need in 2021

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Illustration: David Krančan

Remote work is probably this year’s most used phrase after coronavirus, but unlike the latter, at least there is a silver lining. The New York Times recently reported that “July is the new January,” with a growing list of technology companies like Microsoft, Twitter and Dropbox announcing a permanent work-from-home model. Organizations are tasked with preserving productivity levels while maintaining a close knit, collaborative culture. What does remote work look like in 2021 and beyond, especially for creative teams?


Collaboration in the Time of Corona

One word: Zoom. The video conferencing software has been our sliver of socialization over the past few months, and accelerated user adoption means that their stock price has gone out the roof – up nearly 250%. For daily operations, businesses will rely heavily on project management tools like Monday, Asana,  Basecamp, and Workfront help keep cross-functional teams accountable and on-track in the one place without having to waste time getting lost in a multitude of emails or lost attachments.        

Instead of having a large central hub, or headquarters, companies are reimagining the future workplace to be a network of satellite offices or co-working spaces, where small groups of teams can regroup and work – Google recently introduced these plans as a way to offer more flexibility for their employees who may want to move to smaller, lower-cost cities but still access the perks of an office.

Create and Scale From (Virtually) Everywhere

Larry Davidson, an innovation advisor and regular Inc magazine contributor, cites that “increasingly smart companies and their leaders recognize that the ability to create is key to survival in a world more volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous than ever before. The question is how to turn what we are witnessing into lessons ongoing.”

We’ve seen companies like adidas take charge in this arena, whose investment in digital tools like Celtra have seen their e-commerce sales jump up by 93%. Creative Automation tools helped them scale content for their #HomeTeam campaign to keep people motivated and moving during lockdown, but adjust messaging according to different regions for a personalized experience.

Similarly, companies like Spotify are spread across 92 global regions with multiple product offerings – a structure common to most. This demands synchronicity from a branding and messaging standpoint, since creative needs are amplified by default. Throw in a remote-first work set up, and you’ll quickly see why the right creative production tools, like Creative Automation, are paramount:

Speed to market – Launch campaigns 2x faster

Shorten the feedback loop – Cut review and feedback processes by 40% as all comments and feedback can be left directly in the platform. 

Accelerate creative developmentProduce assets 3x faster, which means brands can scale up without having to sacrifice quality.

Edit on the fly – Since content is separated from design, any copy or messaging tweaks can be made in real time, and automatically refreshes the creative with it.


Other Creative Tools Our Team Loves 

While Celtra is ideal for scaling creative content for digital advertising, there are a couple creative tools that deserve the shoutout as they solve different types of challenges.,  video collaboration tool for one is a team favorite over at Celtra. Our creatives use it when they need to collaborate on long-form video content for e.g. product marketing. With multiple stakeholders from different departments, we really enjoy the ability to leave feedback and resolve comments directly in their platform.

Figma is another one that our designers use for work centered around website, wire-framing, and product design. Similarly to Celtra and, it saves a lot of time and effort by enabling faster collaboration for those types of products.

When it comes to writing, Google Docs is a go-to for our content, Studio, and marketing teams . Lastly, while this is not exactly a creative tool, we do have a soft spot for Grammarly. Any content marketer will tell you that it is a lifesaver in times when you’ve proofread that playbook copy dozens of times and can’t find any moer typos (if you get the gist :).

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