Relevance at Infinite Scale With Enhanced Video

By Celtra

Use the most eye-catching medium to drive excitement by showcasing hyper-relevant deals and meaningful messages to the right audience in the blink of an eye. Celtra Creative Enablement is the ultimate platform for marketers and publishers to create relevant video ads that capture the audience’s attention and drive conversions.

Drive excitement with a countdown to a premiere, event, or product drop

Add text displays like countdowns to TV shows, movie premieres, events, or new product drops. Let’s say you have a new show starting next Wednesday, build the hype by adding text displays such as: Starts Wednesday, starts tomorrow, available now. In the same way, if you have a new product launching in a week, you can tease the launch by counting down to the big day by including a daily countdown such as Launches in 5 days, 4 more days, 3 days left, etc.

Combine date and location for hyper-local deals

Combine inventory feeds or product catalogs with location to showcase the latest items on sale in different areas, all in real time. As a part of our Creative Enablement solution, enhanced video allows you to swap in different details like specific promo codes, products, or deals at particular store locations. For example, audiences who live in Hertford can get notified of a weekend sale ending Friday, while a different branch of the same car dealership in a different town can advertise for a sale starting Monday. 

Drive foot traffic with location features

Allow users to view a real-time map with nearby locations for hyper-local deals for businesses such as gyms, car dealerships, supermarkets, festivals, or music concerts. These ads will be based on location detected from users’ IP addresses, so there is no need to worry about personal data hurdles. For example, a gym can offer a free monthly gym membership for anyone who lives in the vicinity of one of their locations, e.g., “Sign up before Friday the 30th for a free monthly membership at Fitness First Hertford”.

Capture the right audience with the right messaging

Deliver the most meaningful message to the proper audience depending on the information available from detected segments of viewers. An airline, for example, can utilize audience data to display different flight offers, such as economy, premium, or first-class to the relevant audience. Another interesting use case could be in the medical or insurance industry, where advertisers offer benefits and warnings depending on age range and family demographics to keep communication relevant and targeted. 

Achieve hyper-relevance with built-in dynamic signals and external data

Advertisers and publishers who prioritize relevance and contextualization are more likely to achieve marketing goals and build strong, lasting connections with their target audience. Having said that, we know how hard adding a layer of relevancy to the video can be on company wallets- with production time and cost quickly ramping up. That’s why Celtra is busting the door wide open for entirely new possibilities of relevance, at a fraction of the cost and time needed to produce, edit, and traffic. Our self-serve platform allows advertisers, media publishers, and buyers to adapt video ads to their viewers by leveraging audience data and applying built-in dynamic signals like location, time, and weather to get the right products in front of the right eyes. 

Celtra’s Creative Enablement platform generates a unique video ad-serving template (VAST) tag for each video, so publishers and advertisers can distribute creative through any demand-side platform (DSP), including CTV (e.g. Peacock, ROKU and HULU), laptop, mobile and tablet. This approach can generate hundreds and even thousands of relevant versions of an ad within seconds across servers of your choice. 

Ready to boost performance with Celtra’s enhanced video? 

Combine all these features to add value to the user experience and open up new possibilities for businesses and content providers to engage audiences effectively and efficiently with Celtra. Check out our Creative Enablement webpage or book a demo for more information. 

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