Summer Sizzlers: The Hottest Creative Campaigns of 2020

By Celtra

We’re now in the sweaty throes of summer – and while COVID-19 and quarantine continues to keep us in the confines of our homes, the imagination runs amok. This is not always a bad thing if you run in creative circles, and we’ve come across some real click-worthy campaigns to get your creative juices revving up for the rest of the season and into the next.


Glossier’s Hand Cream


You’ve probably seen this buzz-worthy brand come up on your social media feeds, slapped on a billboard or through the sister/girlfriend/best friend grapevine. Whatever it may be, this beauty brand is the darling of DTC (Direct to Consumer), and it isn’t hard to see why. Glossier’s aggressive go-to-market strategy releases new products almost as often as they post on their Instagram account, which goes to show the efficiency of their creative and content production. They turned their latest product – a hand cream – into one of the most sought after beauty items of the season. 


A hand cream may sound ordinary to most, but Glossier’s video narrative binds the functional to the emotional and showcases hands as a conduit for connection. This user-generated content campaign sourced images and visuals of the community while in quarantine, and the brand donated 10,000 of the first units to healthcare workers on the frontlines.


Harry’s ‘Shave With Pride’


Men’s personal care brand Harry’s released their limited edition ‘Shave with Pride’ set to celebrate and amplify LGBTQ voices, which coincided with their Design with Pride campaign. Creative individuals within the LGBTQ community were asked a single question: “How do you identify yourself?”, which brought about a rainbow of stories and interviews on their microsite illustrated by Spanish designer José Roda (he also designed the packaging on the shave set). This site provided a platform for the brand to highlight its values of inclusivity, acceptance and individuality. 

The campaign was anchored from the website, but its creative variants were scaled to an OOH takeover in New York City’s Union Square subway station. Commuters were also invited to “selfie stations” on the way to Pride celebrations to share and post photos against customized backgrounds.


Magic Spoon’s Guilt Free Cereal


Remember those days as a kid when you would fill your bowl with sugary, colorful cereal and douse it with milk – or occasionally eat them as a snack? Cereal brand Magic Spoon recreates (and literally delivers to your doorstep) that feeling of childhood nostalgia for adults, packaged in a colorful box that looks and tastes like the cereal of yesteryear without the guilt trip – with the creative chops to match. This is a prime example of one brand that knows how to streamline their creative process and have fun with it along the way, using an Instagram-first approach. 

Earlier this Summer, they launched an accessories line to accompany their cereal – a bendale, slurpable bowl with a matching spoon. Last month, two new flavors, Peanut Butter and Honey Nut, were teased through a series of dynamic creative through a mix of static and snackable video content.

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