Top 5 High-Impact Ad Products For Flourishing Campaigns in Spring And Summer

By Celtra

Spring’s been springing for a while – but how have your ads been faring in this season of renewal? With consumer spending traditionally increasing in this transformative period, the beginning of warmer weather is the perfect time to refresh your advertising efforts with innovative, high-impact ad products and get them ready for summer. We’ve gathered the five hottest ad products that media owners and operators should introduce to their portfolios if they want their campaigns to bloom in the warmer days of 2024.

Spring has sprung – and so has consumer spending

With the sun out and the temperatures rising, 69% of people say they begin to feel more social. Weather is one of the most powerful forces that undeniably shapes our moods, decisions, and habits – including our spending habits. A blast of fresh energy might make consumers more likely to try new products. A traditional spring clean can drive behavior across industries like interior decorating, wellness, and travel. As the weather gets warmer, it seems that consumers are willing to spend more money than usual.

This year, peak spring shopping periods might be even more pronounced, with consumer spending predicted to rise by approximately 2% in 2024. How can media owners and operators take advantage of these exciting trends of increased consumer engagement? One sure way is pairing their premium content with innovative ad formats.

Make spring fever last until summer and beyond with high-impact ads

When a certain Miranda Priestly sarcastically called the idea of using flowers in a spring campaign groundbreaking, she must have known that basic ads aren’t going to cut it in this competitive season of high user engagement.

While static banners once represented the bedrock of display advertising, there’s no more room for basic ad formats – at least if you want viewers to actively engage with your content. 

Don’t want viewers to scroll right past your ads? Start by delivering more engaging, memorable user experiences. Stunning visuals and animated banners that offer movement and interactivity are the way to go to better capture consumer attention. The best part? It’s not just about catching the viewers’ eyes, these immersive ad experiences hold consumer attention for much longer than traditional, static banners. 

Meet the top 5 high-impact ad products for spring and summer 2024

High-impact ads can help media owners and operators get the most out of their ad inventory, deliver better engagement rates, drive conversions, and boost overall campaign performance. 

From interactive galleries to shoppable cubes, 3D pop-out effects, and captivating animations, what are some of the hottest ad units to make the most out of the spring shopping fever?

We’ve prepared a list of five fresh, ready-to-launch ad units from Celtra’s Library that can be used across multiple campaign goals and verticals. 

1. Swell Showcase Unit

Want to showcase your products in the most vivid way possible? Go for this high-impact ad unit that features beautiful transitions between images and videos. 

An interactive gallery that seamlessly integrates both images and videos is sure to deliver an engaging user experience. For detailed product shots and highlights, you can use four mini windows to ensure a truly comprehensive showcase. Since this is an interactive ad unit, users can tap or swipe to expand and collapse the products in the ad. 

2. Expandable Cube Unit

Looking for an engaging and effective ad unit for e-commerce? The perfect choice: an interactive banner that showcases product images and videos on the side of the cube when swiped. When tapped, the cube side expands with more details. 

This innovative ad product was designed to captivate users with an auto-animating gallery that stunningly showcases your products. With the Expandable Cube Unit, users can explore your different products either through auto-animation or scrolling the ad. 

3. Scrollable Showcase Unit

Need to highlight the product from multiple angles? Opt for a below-the-fold banner that reveals and brings a single product forward as you scroll down. 

A scrollable showcase unit utilizes a parallax-like effect to create an immersive and engaging user experience. As the user scrolls, the main hero image or packshot rotates, better capturing the viewer’s attention and highlighting your product from various angles.

4. Blindscape Unit 

Is deeper user engagement what you’re after? It’ll be hard for your viewers to miss this captivating animation that makes them engage more deeply with your content by delivering dramatic transitions between images. 

A visually striking ad unit that’s reminiscent of window blinds, it features images transitioning in vertical columns. Users can initiate motion, which adds an interactive element that boosts engagement, the time spent on the ad, and ultimately, clicks.

5. Tilt Touch

Want users to get a good look at your product from different angles in 3D? This interactive, movable canvas shows all the best sides of your article. 

This format is an interactive ad unit that allows the viewer to touch and drag the product in order to see its different angles with a 3D pop-out effect, making it the natural choice for products in the apparel industry. 

Elevate your advertising efforts – in all seasons

This spring, make your advertising efforts bloom and enhance your ad product strategy with innovative, high-impact ad products. Explore the wide selection of premium ad units in Celtra Library and create immersive ad experiences to complement your inventory.

Want to see how Celtra’s Creative Enablement solution can make your advertising more engaging and effective with premium ad products all year long? Reach out to our team and see our cloud-based platform in action.

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