Unlocking Creative Excellence with Premium Video Ad Products

By Celtra

In today’s fast-paced digital advertising landscape, attention-grabbing video ads are no longer just a nice-to-have; they’re a must for advertisers who want to stay ahead of the curve with innovative, high-performing ad campaigns.

Premium video ad experiences: a must-have for every media team

Basic video ads can only go so far – it’s immersive video ad experiences that lead to higher view rates. Enriched personalized video ads catch the target audience’s interest, achieving a deeper level of interactivity and getting viewers to stay engaged with content for longer. And you know the math: the more engaged a viewer is, the higher the chance of them converting to a customer. 

By incorporating premium video ads into their advertising strategies, brands are also able to connect with audiences on a more personal level, ultimately strengthening their brand identity and leaving a longer-lasting impression.

So, why are advertisers and media teams still using basic video ads instead of enhanced video ads in their ad campaigns? First of all, producing any video ad demands a certain amount of time and resources. Let alone producing personalized, enhanced video ads that deliver highly engaging ad experiences that capture the specific interests of an individual and lead to better conversions. 

Premium video ad production is still an obstacle for most advertisers. A state-of-the-art software solution can help them bear some of the grunt. 

Modern solutions for modern media teams: Premium video ad builder

Times are changing, and with the explosion of channels, formats, sizes, and platforms, media teams need to transform their creative production processes to leverage the opportunities of the complex advertising landscape, such as incorporating premium video ad experiences in their advertising and media strategies.

But even traditional video ad experiences alone won’t cut it if media teams want the performance of their ad campaigns to really skyrocket. What they need are hyper-relevant video ad experiences that can catch the viewer’s eyes at the right place at the right time. Luckily, media teams can take advantage of cutting-edge video ad builder solutions to leverage dynamic signals and build personalized video ad creatives faster and easier.  

One such state-of-the-art tool is Celtra’s video builder – a powerful tool for media teams that are looking to rapidly capture and retain the attention of their audiences with enhanced VAST video ad experiences. 

Celtra’s premium video builder enables media teams to boost ad performance and easily deliver enhanced video ads by offering:

  • Asset reusability: Media teams can save both time and resources by reusing their existing content assets, including lifestyle images, packshots, and text, to build highly engaging videos.
  • Dynamic personalization: Hyper-relevant ads are a proven way to capture the viewer’s attention. Celtra’s VAST builder allows you to amp up your ad campaigns with dynamic signals that cater to individual users based on their preferences, behaviors, and real-time data.
  • Ready-made ad units from the Celtra Library: The Celtra Library allows media teams to use pre-made Ad Units and populate them to deliver enhanced video ad experiences with ease and speed.

How AdTheorent achieved a 98% completion rate with personalized video ads

As we’ve mentioned, traditional video ads are one thing, but personalized, enhanced video ad experiences that are served and adapted to the individual viewer elevate ad performance to a whole new level.

Take AdTheorent, a leading tech company offering data-driven predictive solutions for advertisers that used Celtra’s solution to create a CTV campaign for their client Farm Bureau HealthPlans. 

Their ad campaign aim was to include a personalized message and a QR code to the relevant landing page that would be served according to the user’s location. With Celtra’s solution, AdTheorent was able to use its existing raw assets, including video footage, the company logo, copy, and QR codes, to build a decisioning mechanism. 

Video ad variants were then dynamically served from a single VAST tag, and each individual viewer was then shown content based on their location and the audience signal from their CTV device.

What was the outcome of AdTheorent’s personalized video ad campaign? Engaging video ads that serve the most relevant information to individual users based on their data. 

In numbers? A 98% video completion rate and 70 QR code scans.

For a more detailed case study, check out the video below:

How media teams can enhance ad campaigns with Celtra’s premium video builder

Celtra’s solution can help media teams hit their ad performance targets faster and easier by delivering highly engaging, personalized video ad experiences.

With Celtra’s video builder, media teams are empowered to:

  • Use the video builder’s drag-and-drop interface to easily create enhanced video ads using raw assets, including existing video footage, images, logo, sound, copy, packshots, and more
  • Create and review hundreds of dynamic variants with rule-based feeds to easily deliver personalized and more immersive video ad experiences that drive higher engagement and conversions
  • Plug-in data and create rules to determine how ads will respond when built-in dynamic signals and external data are detected for hyper-relevant ad experiences
  • Take advantage of the analytics tool to track the performance of video ads in real-time and optimize their strategy for the future
  • Enhance video ads with dynamic elements such as hotspots, QR codes, gamification, and shoppable features for more engaging and memorable ad experiences
  • Easily customize pre-built Celtra Library video ad units and go to market faster

Want to learn more about how Celtra’s premium video builder can help your media team achieve better results with fewer resources?

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