Unlocking Creativity With the Celtra Library

By Celtra

In the whack-a-mole landscape of attention-seeking digital advertising, the race to stand out and stay standing is on. The question is, how are media companies meant to produce stand-out creatives at the speed required to keep up, with dwindling resources and tightening budgets? If only there was a library of premium ready-to-use ad templates for a fraction of the price and time it takes to produce them from scratch…

The Celtra Library was built especially to fulfil the needs of those who lack the design resources to ideate and activate their own suite of proprietary ad products. That’s because we know how stretched digital production teams are to spend time, money and resources dreaming up bespoke, one-off creative executions for advertisers. Let’s face it- ain’t nobody got time for that nowadays! 

Our solution provides a robust portfolio, offering a set number of ad products which can be easily produced, managed and activated on a campaign by campaign basis. What’s more, our expertise in the industry means we can advise on what best creative trends to follow that compete for advertiser dollars while keeping production costs low. 

Take a peek into what the Library has to offer

1 . Gamified: By incorporating gaming elements into ads, you can easily create an immersive and engaging experience for your consumers.

2. Shoppable: These ads leverage the viewers’ interest and excitement for the content by driving them to purchase products directly from the retailer.

3. Video: Increase user engagement and conversion rates with captivating videos

This is just the tip of the iceberg… if you’re interested in what other products our Ad Suite Library has to offer, check it out or book a demo to see our solution in action.

Ready to implement our premium ad product offering?

Here’s a quick “How To” to get you started. It’s easy as pie! 

We also offer real-time previewing, so you can see your ad come to life before launching. But it doesn’t just stop at visuals—alongside the Celtra Library, we provide insights into the best performing combinations of format and functionality. These insights are critical for when you’re developing your own custom ad products. Check out our Creative Insights Report and leverage our analytics and reporting to gain valuable insights on ad performance, audience engagement, and conversion rates. Knowledge is power, and by using data to inform your creative decisions, how can you lose?

So, if you’re looking to take your campaigns to the next level, Celtra Ad Suite and Library is a powerful asset you don’t want to miss out on. Book a demo to see how you can transform your advertising game today. 

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