Why Self-Serve Solutions Are the Key to Unlocking Relevant Video at Scale

By Celtra

Programmatic video inventory is more accessible than ever with 9 out of 10 CTV ad spending dollars transacting programmatically according to eMarketer. This means advertisers are finally able to decide who they want their audience to be at the impression level and no longer rely on panel audience-based promises of future delivery. People tell us in survey after survey that they want relevant ads, with a recent BCG study showing that two thirds of people surveyed reported negative experiences with non-relevant or non-engaging ads. However, adding a layer of relevancy to video can be difficult, with production time and cost quickly soaring.

With Dynamic Video Celtra is helping you answer the demand for relevant creative. Adapt your existing video creative in real-time to each audience and show them content relevant to their interests, location or moment in time. Produce thousands of unique video variants – all in one platform, completely self-serve. No lead times, no rendering queues.

Self-serve solution

No more weeks-long lead times, managed service and coordination. Design engaging experiences in-house, including ctv-first store locators and QR codes, at the velocity you need. With Celtra Dynamic Video, all production, rendering, review and delivery is done in a single platform.

Creative relevancy at scale

Whether your output is dozens or thousands of creative variants, you can accomplish this with ease. You can use Celtra’s built-in signals such as location or time or import your own audiences or pass information from the media buying platform and publisher.

Always relevant

Celtra’s proprietary technology renders and delivers video variants when and where they are needed. Want to feature in-stock inventory? No problem. Pre-program time-segmented messaging? Done! Set up your campaign once and leave it be or easily add those pesky last-minute updates.

Trafficking is a breeze

No matter the number of video variants, the output from Celtra is a single tag. Each dynamic variant is automatically transcoded into multiple streams, making it compatible across inventory on the market like Peacock, ROKU and HULU. No more publisher rejections, rendering presets and Friday afternoon tag fixing.

Ready to step up?

Celtra Dynamic Video solution is the answer to elevating your video production workflow. Get in touch with us or book a demo to see our solution in action. Start scaling with self-serve dynamic video today!

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