Why Your Marketing In-House Team Needs Creative Automation

By Celtra

To be a marketer means staying one step ahead of the game. From audience research to experimenting with innovative creative strategies, marketers are experts at finding effective ad content solutions. However, with stagnant budgets and growing consumer demands, it can be difficult to stay on track of, let alone exceed, your goals. What can marketing teams do to optimize their digital advertising performance? Well, they can look to Creative Automation.

Here are 3 ways your marketing team can leverage Creative Automation for efficient and effective digital production! 

1. Bring the dream team together with Collaborative Digital Production

Celtra champions collaborative digital production to equip your in-house teams with a singular tool that allows you to scale, edit, comment and tweak across artboards, multi-dimensional feeds and many other design properties. Our Scaling Studio solution multi-user access functionality will massively speed up your workflows while removing constant user management. By introducing collaborative digital production software, staying in lock-step with the wider team has never been easier. 

Like all great successes in life- teamwork makes the dream work. With the endless capabilities of Scaling Studio’s multiplayer, you can say bye to crossed-wires and hello to real-time editing and collaboration. This cloud-based software allows for the entire team (marketers and designers, stakeholders and clients alike) to produce, edit and approve all in one place, so nothing gets lost and priorities are consistently met.

2. Buy back time & future-proof your brand

What’s the biggest pain point that marketers are facing? Time. In fact, 86% of marketers say their creative team needs more time to devote to the creative process. With Creative Automation, brands can triple their creative volume and cut their production time in half. That means more content variety for your audience and more time for your team to strategize and design. How?

Automating repetitive design tasks! This is where we begin to see how self-serve technology can really empower your in-house team. Your creatives will love to be able to scale and edit their assets faster and more accurately- future-proofing your brand. By adopting technology that can eliminate repetitive steps and functions, you’ll be buying pack stacks of time by cutting down production hours spent on manual design tweaks!

3. Amplify personalized content

Content variety is crucial for brand advertising so that shoppers don’t grow tired of seeing the same ad over and over again. A key tactic for content variety and boosting results is personalization. However, one of the main challenges of personalization is the production process and creating enough assets to hit various touch-points all the way down the funnel. Manual methods of production make this process incredibly slow and burdensome. Instead, marketers can rely on software tools like Scaling Studio to simplify it, and cut the speed to market time drastically. That way, teams can quickly and efficiently scale and amplify personalized content, boosting results and ROAS all the while ensuring quality design and brand integrity.   

In case you still have any doubts about the transformative power that Creative Automation can have on your in-house team, visit our landing page or get in touch with us to book a demo to watch our solution in action. Sometimes, you’ve gotta see it to believe it! 

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