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PR Might be the Most Valuable Part of Advertising

Listen to "PR Might be the Most Valuable Part of Advertising" on Spreaker.


A good agency tells a client's story, but a GREAT agency learns to tell its own.

This is just one of the pieces of wisdom that Jeff Sweat, Founder of Sweat & Co and all around renaissance man, shares with us this week. From a start in journalism as one of the first reporters on the tech beat, to published novelist, to content marketing, PR and advertising maven- we hear about a unique journey that has told the stories of many remarkable campaigns and agencies.

We discuss:

  • Storytelling: What do we mean and when do we overuse it?
  • PR isn’t something you do at the end of the process. How can PR become baked into a product or brand?
  • How to be famous in 6 easy steps…really.

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