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Building a Company and Brand Through Authentic Storytelling w/ Luciana Rozenberg

Listen to "Building a Company and Brand Through Authentic Storytelling w/ Luciana Rozenberg" on Spreaker.


Fashion is a notoriously difficult industry to break into.

The market is saturated. The competition is fierce. It’s a wonder anyone finds success.

So, a recent immigrant ascending from a fashion internship to launching a disruptive handbag line in less than 6 years — in a pandemic, no less — is jaw-dropping.

That’s why I’m excited for the chance to learn from someone who pulled off such a remarkable feat.

Today’s guest is Luciana Rozenberg, the Founder of Naissant, a Brooklyn-based handbag brand recently featured in Forbes Magazine and a music video for a Grammy-winning artist.

Rozenberg shares her journey launching a product line in the midst of a global crisis and shares tips and tricks for authentically connecting with her customers

In this episode, we discuss:

- Effective storytelling to build brand awareness

- Launching an organic marketing plan during a pandemic

- Shifting your marketing plan based on customer feedback

- Social Media as a tool for featuring product functionality

- The risks of department store retail and how to decide when it’s time to go wholesale

- The role celebrity marketing plays out in brand marketing

- Protecting your brand during rapid growth

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