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Experiential, Pandemic Pivots With Smile Direct Club featuring Leigh Finney

The brand side is anything but boring. But a lot of marketing professionals somehow think it is.

On this episode of Brand-Side, I interview Leigh Finney. Leigh is the associate creative director at SmileDirectClub, a teledentistry company that makes at-home teeth straightening easier and more affordable. But she got her start in the agency world.

It took Leigh a week — just one week — after her move to SmileDirectClub to be smitten with working in-house. In this interview, we delved deep into her story.

Leigh and I talked about:

  • Lessons Leigh learned on the journey from marketing to advertising to the brand side.
  • The best things about being in-house
  • Whether or not brands can recreate strong, impactful experiences online

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