Brands, Web3, and the Metaverse with MacKenzie Green

Listen to “Brands, Web3, and the Metaverse with MacKenzie Green” on Spreaker.

Does every company now need an NFT product strategy?

Anyone want a bite of the world’s first NFP,non-fungible pizza?” What about a trip to pick up a few things in the Wendyverse? Are these branded spaces on the metaverse brilliantly raising brand profiles? Or is it just a virtual reality game that will fade like most marketing stunts?

Only time will tell, but luckily we get into some predictions and more with MacKenzie Green, VP of Social at Clique Brands. She is back for her second turn on our podcast to share what she has been up to since we last had her on the show.

We discuss:

  • The metaverse- who is getting in on the game?
  • Fashion, luxury retail and NFTs
  • Blending Web3 with the real world and the next phase of community building

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