Blazing the Trail for Video in Product Catalog Ads

By Celtra

Alert the media! We’ve got something hot off the press that nobody else has. Celtra is the first to support lower funnel and catalog-powered video with our newest solution. Introducing: video Dynamic Product Ads! On top of being the best in the market with its superior creative capabilities and scalability, it’s also the most economical and efficient answer to creating engaging video content for all your meta shoppable/catalog ads. We’ve covered all bases. 

Why video for DPAs?

We all know that video is by far the most engaging ad medium due to its consistent best-in-class results (view our Creative Insights Report for more on this), which is why we are proud to announce that we are among the first ones to support Meta’s product level videos (PLV) with a self-serve creative automation software! With video DPAs, watch your lower funnel see more engagement than ever before, with proven improvements in discovery and a more diverse set of creatives across different formats. As brands struggle to catch consumers’ eyes in the saturated market of digital advertising, it’s more important than ever to invest in consistent brand application and get the utmost out of your branding efforts. With Celtra’s video DPAs, your performance marketing teams can incorporate video as a medium to drive product discovery and brand recognition across broader audiences at scale.

Improve product discovery with live-action and animated video

Using different formats and diverse creative assets has a significant impact on performance. That’s to say static is good, but static and video are even better with a 3% cost per acquisition (CPA) improvement, which saves you money while boosting results!

Remember; the more creative the idea, the more chance of success. So when you introduce multiple design directions for your dynamic ads creatives, rather than using almost identical creatives, you’re going to see incremental lift at up to 32% increased efficiency. When we say efficiency, we mean media spending, aka performance. 

Using video, you are far more likely to capture the attention of potential customers, and your creative team can take product discovery to the next level incorporating live-action and animated video for shopping and travel ads that few people have seen before. You can also reuse video footage from existing production for catalog-powered ads, a nifty shortcut that lets you take video produced at the top of the funnel and use it for DPAs. Name a better use of your assets… we’ll wait. 

Scale your reach and automate the real-time generation of thousands of unique videos

We know what you’re thinking – in an ideal world, “video all the way”, but the burden of investing time and resources is too much – especially when your creative teams are already swamped and overworked. This is where Celtra steps in to lighten the load. Our video DPA solution allows you to streamline your advertising processes without compromising on creativity.

How it works

Our self-serve technology for Video Dynamic Product Ads lets you simultaneously create thousands of video assets by tapping into the product catalog and fully customizable video templates turning text and image content into engaging videos. Imagine what this does to your workflow! 

By leveraging your product catalogs, creative ideas, and marketing tactics, your creative teams and performance marketers are able to collaborate (all on the same platform) to scale your video creative from scratch or with an existing production. 

Here’s a quick summary of what to expect:

  • Robust video and animation capabilities with built-in presets for quick and easy activation
  • End-to-end design, production, and review for a large set of catalog assets (not placeholders)
  • Ability to create endless product sets for unique video assets specific to categories, brands or marketing activities/promotions

Why Celtra is the best choice

Our user-friendly interface is second to none, and our powerful automation tools make it a joy for users. We take cross-team collaboration extremely seriously so you can stay in lock-step across any team, member or stakeholder when it comes to reviews and approvals. Celtra is the best solution in the market, offering all of the above support for product level and catalog-powered Shopping ads. Plus, by adopting this now, you’ll be at the forefront of DPA history.  

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