Back to School: Discover Best-in-Class Ad Products in Celtra’s Creative Insights Report

By Celtra

5th Edition: 2023

We’re back with our 5th edition of Creative Insights, Celtra’s latest report of actionable gems to help you shape your strategies one insight at a time. Our performance benchmarks for video and rich media ads help you understand how different ad formats are affecting click-through rates and give you a clear idea of what’s going to drive future successful strategies. 

Here are a few highlights before you download the full report, available here

1. Ad(d) to basket: Shoppable takes the lead

Shoppable ads have emerged as the standout performers, with an Engagement Rate (ER) of 1.98%. Not only did they beat the overall benchmark by 32%, they also jumped 87% in ER from the latter half of 2022 to the first half of 2023. Nothing beats a seamless shopping experience, and the proof is in the pudding for this one. As one of the older rich media and ad tech products, this shows how tried and true classics are still proving to be the best.

2. Location ads: Successfully navigating awareness goals

Drop a pin and let the engagement come to you with location-based advertising. This ad product has carved its niche as a potent strategy, with an ER of 1.12% – which is 12% higher than the overall benchmark. Not one to miss in this category, with a 60% increase in ER from the second half of 2022 to the first half of 2023. 

What does this tell us? Hyper-relevant and hyper-targeted ads are killing it this year. By leveraging users’ geographical data to deliver contextually relevant content, you’re meeting them right where they are to capture their attention- and the ROAS are there to prove it. 

3. Video distribution ads: Viewers are hooked

The era of video advertising continues… Video Distribution ads’ saw a 59% surge in volume, showing a clear preference for video content across all platforms. We also saw an 8.5% uptick in total Video Completion Rate from the tail end of 2022 to the first half of 2023. This increase can be attributed to the continuing investment into video, particularly short-form, reaffirming the power of storytelling through video. Bonus points for all the brands and ad products that managed to draw viewers in and keep them hooked till the very end!

Want to learn more? 

Celtra’s latest Creative Insights Report serves as a solid roadmap for advertisers and publishers to navigate the ever-changing landscape of ad tech and rich media. From shoppable and location-based ads to video distribution and many more, we’ve analyzed consumers’ preferences to reveal which ad experience is the best at driving bottom-lines… Read the full report with a ton of other insights here or visit Celtra’s Creative Enablement page for more.  

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