Creative Automation: The Time-Saving Hack for Design Teams

By Celtra

The race against time for scaling assets

Too little time, too much to do, if only there were tools to cut your to-do list in two. We’re talking about all those hours spent on small manual tweaks that eat up the valuable time you should be spending on more important creative tasks…Discover the secret weapon for designers – Creative Automation. Let tech do the boring stuff so you can spend your time doing the work computers can’t do as well as you. Prioritize creativity while staying in full control!

The eternal struggle of manual tasks

As the demand for diverse creative assets grows, designers find themselves in a relentless race against the clock. The challenge is magnified when campaigns span international markets, localization, multiple audiences or products, and require collaboration across teams. The familiar doom cycle of endless revisions, compounded by the complexity of handling myriad formats and sizes, paints a picture of perpetual struggle. The question looms large: When does the uphill battle end?

This is the problem with manual tasks. As we are all human, and in the case of designers, stressed and overworked, there lies the risk of human error. Inconsistencies (like spacing and line breaks), and inventory (like identifying and storing assets) are all headaches that designers are familiar with. When scaling designs, there are so many variants that it’s nearly impossible to keep up with art board files. You can see how designers are hard-pressed to find the bandwidth to focus on the job at hand.

Enter Creative Automation technology

Celtra’s Creative Automation software is built for designers to help them efficiently produce creatives across any scope of creative assets – format, size, variety – required for marketing campaigns. 

This is not to say that technology is taking over- quite the opposite. Designers maintain full control of their area of expertise while taking advantage of the available technology to alleviate boring, repetitive tasks so you can focus on the stuff that really matters. It also means that everyone is able to speak the same language on a unified platform. 

Tools to streamline repetitive tasks that designers will love

We have numerous tools that make their lives easier and help them create the volume needed with less effort. These include:  

Auto-layout: With auto-layout, designers set the rules for the layout so that the components and creative elements in the template are automatically resized and repositioned based on different text, images, and assets while ensuring the layout stays intact. 

Shrink-text to fit: Designers can automatically manage text rules for “Orphans”, “Widows”, and “Always together” across creative assets. The tool also auto-detects the language/ alphabet used and pairs it with the right font.

Automatic variant generation: Celtra’s Creative Automation solution can analyze all the formats and sizes that teams need to meet their needs across digital media channels and identify the minimum layouts needed as a design source.

Built-in animations: When it comes to video production, designers no longer need to jump back and forth between programs or wrangle plugins to scale up versions of digital assets involving video and animations. Enjoy presets and advanced settings to manage animations across layers and text. You can lock your design so when the content is edited there are no changes in the layout. 

Auto-cropping: Automatically crop images to fit different-sized creatives. Designers can then easily preview crops across all digital banners and manually adjust them if needed.

Centralized feeds: hone in on efficient management of content/text/assets that are mapped to designs. Manage content without needing to adjust layouts and designs and enjoy real-time generation of all versions. 

Custom text treatments: Our non-breakable lines feature means you’ll have to pick the right time and place for hyphens! Make the most of different text styles to emphasize copy without needing extra boxes or layers.

Get the whole team onboard, from designers to content experts

Production workflow involves numerous players, which is precisely why empowering each team to do their best is the only way forward. With end-to-end collaborative production, every member across any team has access to all creative updates. Transparency and accessibility are the key here, so we’ve made our platform user-friendly and intuitive to all, non-creatives, marketers, content creators and end-users alike! 

Interested in Celtra?

Say hello to modular creative production—and goodbye to manual and siloed processes. With Celtra, streamline workflows, automate creative production, and scale up campaign activation at speed. Book a demo to find out more!

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